Insta360 Care Service


Insta360 FlexiCare

If your product is accidentally damaged, you can enjoy 2 low-cost replacement services within the service term.

Device type: GO 3S, X4, Ace, AcePro


Insta360 Care

Accidents happen, but we've got you covered. Insta360 Care gives you one free repair or replacement for your Insta360 camera, so you can relax and enjoy the adventure.

Device type: X3, GO 3, Link, ONE X2, Flow, ONE RS


Insta360 Extended Warranty

All Insta360 cameras come with one-year limited warranty. The extended warranty doubles your protection, covering you for two years.

Device type: GO 3S, X4, GO 3, Ace, Ace Pro, X3, Link, ONE X2, Flow, ONE RS

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