Insta360 FlexiCare Service Terms
Version 2.0

Published date [April 17th ,2024]

Effective date [April 24th ,2024 ]

Thank you for your interest in Insta360 FlexiCare. The following terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "the Service Terms") clarify your rights and benefits. The Insta360 FlexiCare service is serviced in terms of repair by the Insta360 Official After-Sales Service Center or other after-sales service institutions designated by Insta360.

Your purchase or redemption of this service will be regarded as confirming that you have read, fully understood, and agreed to all the contents of the Service Terms. If you do not agree with any terms or contents in the Service Terms, please do not purchase/exchange the Insta360 FlexiCare service.

For matters not covered in the Service Terms regarding after-sales product maintenance, the content of the "After-Sales Policy" shall prevail. In case of a conflict between the Service Terms and the "After-Sales Policy," the content of the Service Terms shall prevail.

1. Scope of Service

1.1 Service Target

The service target of your Insta360 FlexiCare service (hereinafter referred to as "FlexiCare") refers to the product bound to your FlexiCare and is limited to a specified type of product(s), which Insta360 reserves the right to modify, replace or update, after promptly informing you.

Please refer to the table below for the specific types of products covered by FlexiCare:

Products Covered Service Target Replacement Service Fee
Insta360 Ace Pro & Ace Main unit and battery Please refer to FlexiCare page
Insta360 X4 Main unit and battery Please refer to FlexiCare page

Co-branded or collaborative products* or non-official Insta360 products are not covered under the Insta360 FlexiCare Service.

*"Collaborative product" refers to products that have been developed in collaboration between Insta360 and other companies or brands.

"Official Insta360 product" refers to genuine products purchased through official Insta360 channels or authorized dealers.

1.2 Service Content

Insta360 products that experience malfunctions or damage (including accidental damage) during the warranty period due to normal use can be exchanged for a fully functioning product of the same type and model after completion of the designated service process.

FlexiCare Cover Summary
Duration 12 months
Number of Replacements 2 times
Replacement Cost A replacement fee is payable for each replacement required

(1)Effective Date: The service period commences from the date Insta360 FlexiCare is successfully bound to a product.

(2)If a replacement device is provided under Insta360 FlexiCare it will automatically inherit the original product's Insta360 FlexiCare coverage. You can check the remaining number of replacements via Product & Service Info.

1.3 Service Coverage Area

Insta360 FlexiCare is a global service. As long as you purchased the Insta360 product from an official or authorized channel and can provide a valid purchase receipt, and the product fault is determined to meet the service coverage criteria by Insta360 technical support, you may apply for a replacement from any official Insta360 Repair Center that supports the Insta360 FlexiCare replacement service. Specific rules and service terms are subject to the country or region where you purchase Insta360 FlexiCare.

2. Service Precautions

Please carefully read the following to make the most of Insta360 FlexiCare.

2.1 Key Info

1.Insta360 FlexiCare can only be bound to products that are listed in the “1.1 Service Target” section above, and can be claimed on only after the FlexiCare service is activated.

2.An individual Insta360 product can only be bound to Insta360 FlexiCare once. After making a claim with Insta360 FlexiCare, if there is a change in the product's serial number (SN), the replacement product will inherit the original product's Insta360 FlexiCare coverage (including the number of replacements remaining), as well as the original product's official warranty period. Do not repurchase Insta360 FlexiCare for your replacement product.

3.The SN of your Insta360 product and the SNs of its components are important for using Insta360 FlexiCare. Please keep them secure and do not disclose them to others. If the leak of this information leads to the unauthorized use of your Insta360 product SN, you are solely responsible for the consequences and liabilities.

4.Insta360 FlexiCare can be purchased in either of the following situations:

• Purchase Insta360 FlexiCare together with the Insta360 product. Insta360 FlexiCare will be automatically activated and bound to the product once it is activated.

• Purchase Insta360 FlexiCare separately within a specified time after the product is activated. When purchasing separately, you must provide the SN of the product to verify its activation date. Insta360 FlexiCare cannot be purchased if the product was activated earlier than the stated time limit:

Product Insta360 FlexiCare Purchase Time Limit Activation Time
Insta360 Ace Pro & Ace & X4 Must be purchased within 15 days of product activation After successfully purchasing Insta360 FlexiCare, it will automatically become active

Please note, if the model, SN, or other relevant information of a product sent for repair under Insta360 FlexiCare does not match the information recorded with the bound service, or if such information has been altered or is missing, and no other evidence can be provided to confirm its eligibility, you will not be able to use Insta360 FlexiCare.

2.2 What is not covered by Insta360 FlexiCare?

The following situations, losses, expenses and liabilities are not covered under Insta360 FlexiCare:

(1) Intended damage to the lens and camera caused by the user.

(2) Inconsistent, modified cameras with serial numbers on record as entered during activation.

(3) Broken lenses or other existing problems with the camera at time of purchasing “Insta360 FlexiCare”.

(4) Unauthorized disassembly, repair, alteration, or modification of FlexiCare service products without permission from Insta360, as well as the damage caused by installation, use, and operation that do not conform to the instructions, including but not limited to the use of non-original batteries.

(5) Theft, robbery, misplacement or loss of the camera covered by “Insta360 FlexiCare” service.

(6) Abrasion, corrosion, oxidation, rust, deterioration, natural wear camera covered by “Insta360 FlexiCare.

(7) Damage caused by dust, freezing and heat.

(8) Loan or letting the camera covered by “Insta360 FlexiCare” service to a third party for profit (including cameras already let).

(9) Electrical circuit, mechanic malfunctions and other internal malfunctions that are caused by incidents such as: traffic accidents, maritime accidents and natural disasters.

(10) Data or program damage invalidated by a virus or other malware/similar damage, preventing the normal operation of the camera.

(11) Damage or loss of accessories, including but not limited to the storage card, charger and data cable.

(12) Flaws in appearance, such as peeling, scratches or discoloring, unrelated to camera damage.

(13) Loss or damage of data, programs or software not required for the basic function of the product.

(14) Direct or indirect damage caused by force majeure, including but not limited to war, civil war, riot, revolution, military coup, terrorism, nuclear radiation, nuclear explosions and other nuclear risks, typhoons, floods, blizzards, tornadoes, storms, tsunamis, land subsidence, cliff collapse, avalanches, hail, mudslides, landslides, or sandstorms.

(15) Any damage to the product caused by unverifiable “incidents”.

(16) The cause of the damage to the FlexiCare service products falls within Insta360's legal obligations to repair, replace, or return the product under the applicable laws in your country/region.

3. Replacement Process

3.1 Service Fees

The service fees are detailed in the table below. Insta360 will not provide refunds for:

a) Costs within the scope of service that are not claimed by you due to personal reasons


b) Costs that cannot be claimed due to the expiration of the Insta360 FlexiCare service.

Cover Type Service Fees Delivery Costs
Replacement You pay the replacement service fee Insta360 covers the delivery costs

The cost of round-trip delivery within the country or region where you apply for the above service is covered by Insta360.

If you wish to return the product internationally or across regions, you must obtain prior consent from Insta360. Additionally, any duties, delivery fees, and other fees arising from this will be borne by you. If the above conditions are not met, Insta360 reserves the right to refuse service.

3.2 Preparations

(1) Before applying for Insta360 FlexiCare, please visit the Insta360 Privacy Policy page and read the policy carefully. By applying for Insta360 FlexiCare, you acknowledge that you have read, agree to, and will adhere to this privacy policy, giving consent for your personal and product information to be provided to Insta360. You also authorize Insta360 to use this information during the service provision. Personal information includes but is not limited to name, telephone, email, and address. Product information includes but is not limited to, product model, product’s SN, proof of purchase, service agreement number, etc.

(2) Before sending your product for repair, please remove the SD card in advance, backup, or delete any photos, videos, or other data on the device to avoid data loss due to replacement/repair or other service actions. Insta360 is not liable for any loss or damage to any data or information on your product that may occur during the return, replacement, or repair process.

3.3 Service Submission Process

3.3.1 Self-service Shipment

(1)Submit Request

You can submit repair requests through the Insta360 official website's after-sales service application page. When registering, please select " Request a Repair" for the service type. Choosing Self-service mailing means that you need to send the damaged product back to the Insta360 Official After-Sales Service Center (hereinafter referred to as “After-Sales Service Center”). Once the service center confirms receipt and assesses the product condition, you can then decide whether to use Insta360 FlexiCare to replace the product.

(2)Return the Product

Please ship the product to the designated Insta360 repair location within seven working days of applying. If you plan to use the replacement service, you must return all damaged product components corresponding to the service coverage. If you are unable to return all damaged parts connected to the specific needs of the replacement service, you will need to pay an additional cost for any missing parts. If not, you will be unable to use the replacement service.

(3)Inspect the Damage

Upon receiving the faulty product, the After-Sales Service Center will inspect the extent of the damage.

• If the product falls within the official warranty coverage, and is still under the official warranty period (which can be extended if you have purchased an extended warranty service), the After-Sales Service Center will return the product to you after the repairs are completed. You agree that all damaged parts or products replaced during the repair become the property of Insta360.

• If the product is not covered by the official warranty, a repair quote will be provided and transitioned to the after-sales process, or the product will be returned to you upon your request.

(4)Payment of Service Fees

After confirming the use of Insta360 FlexiCare and the type of service you wish to use, you will need to pay the corresponding service fee.

(5)Product Replacement

After paying the service fee, Insta360 will provide the corresponding service and collect your original product as proof of service. In the event of after-sales, if it fits within the official warranty service range and your product is still within the warranty period (which can be extended if you purchased an extended warranty), Insta360 will provide free repair. If the product is not within the official warranty service range, you may choose a paid repair service.

(6)Receipt of Product

After the service is completed, Insta360 will ship out the replacement product to you. The product provided by Insta360 will bind to your original product's Insta360 FlexiCare and inherit the validity of all services as well as the official warranty period of the original product.

4. Service Changes / Termination

(1) The Insta360 FlexiCare service becomes effective and is bound to the corresponding product immediately upon activation and is non-transferable.

(2) If a product bound to Insta360 FlexiCare is returned within 15 days after receipt, or exchanged within 15 days, the Insta360 FlexiCare service can be refunded or bound to the exchanged product, unless Insta360 FlexiCare was utilized within seven calendar days of the product purchase. However, if the product bound to the Insta360 FlexiCare service is purchased through non-official or unauthorized channels, Insta360 reserves the right to refuse service.

(3) In the event of an exchange or repair that changes the product's SN due to issues not covered by Insta360 FlexiCare, you may contact customer service to rebind the new product's SN and inherit the original product's Insta360 FlexiCare service.

(4) The Insta360 FlexiCare service ends either on the expiration date, or Insta360 has provided the service as agreed upon herein and it has been completed.

5. Service Information Security and Protection

(1) In the process of purchasing Insta360 FlexiCare, you may need to provide relevant information to our company (including but not limited to your telephone number, device serial number, name, and proof of purchase). After collecting this information, Insta360 will not release, disclose, sell, or provide it to others without your permission, nor will it be used for purposes other than this service.

(2) To use the Insta360 FlexiCare service, in order to verify the details of your service, you may need to provide relevant information to our company (including but not limited to your telephone number, device serial number, name, terminal product, and proof of purchase).

You understand and agree that Insta360 will only refer to the information you provide during the provision of Insta360 FlexiCare, and once the related purposes are achieved, it will delete or anonymize the information that includes personal data (if any). For detailed information on how Insta360 handles your personal information, please refer to the "Insta360 Privacy Policy".

6. Governing Law

The terms and conditions herein shall be governed and interpreted in relation to the laws of the region/country where you purchase the service. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you are protected by the mandatory provisions of the law of the region/country in which you reside. Nothing in the terms and conditions herein affects your rights as a consumer in accordance with the mandatory provisions of local laws and regulations (including but not limited to your right to apply the laws of your region/country of residence, the right to apply to the relevant consumer protection agency or court in your region/country of residence for the resolution of disputes, etc.).

7. Additional Information

(1) If you have any questions, you can contact the Insta360 customer service team online chat, call 4008-334-360, or send an email to

(2) These Service Terms were published on [April 17th ,2024] and came into effect on [April 24th ,2024 ].

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