Built for cinematic VR.


8× Micro Four Thirds Sensors

11K VR Photo + Video

Farsight Live Monitoring

FlowState Stabilization

HDR Photo

CrystalView 11K Playback

“No-Stitch” Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

10-Bit Color

Micro Four Thirds sensors are the largest available in any unibody VR camera. They maximize Titan's image quality, dynamic range, low-light performance and color depth, raising the bar for high-end VR capture.

11K VR

Unparalleled Clarity

Titan is the first unibody VR camera to shoot at 11K mono and 10K 3D. VR has never looked this real.

Turn it up to 11
It takes a lot of pixels to capture every angle at once. Titan sets a new benchmark with 11K resolution and ample 3.3-micron pixels. That's seven times higher than 4K.

11 K


7 Times

7 times higher than 4K

Exceptional Low-Light

Day or Night

Superb low-light performance puts Titan in a class of its own. Capture crisp, vibrant, noise-free VR, from dusk till dawn.

10 Bit Color

Colossal Color Depth

Titan supports shooting in 10 Bit color, allowing for billions of color combinations and surgical accuracy.


Unshakeable Stabilization

With a 9-axis gyro and advanced FlowState Stabilization, dynamic shots come out perfectly stable. No gimbal needed.

Video Samples

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Sample 1: Night Street Scene

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Sample 2: Abandoned Plane in Landscape

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Sample 3: 10 Bit Color Sunset Park

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Sample 4: FlowState Stabilization: Walking


Built for cinematic VR.