Insta360 Care Customer Service Agreement

Updated date: 2024/7/12

Effective date: 2024/7/19

Thank you very much for purchasing “Insta360 Care” service. Please read this Insta360 Care Customer Service Agreement (the “Agreement”) before your confirmation of purchasing “Insta360 Care” service. The content of the Agreement ensures your rights. Your purchase of the service is deemed acceptance of the Agreement. The service is provided by Insta360, and the maintenance and repair is carried out by a designated Customer Service Center.

You confirm and guarantee that you have read and fully understood and agreed to all the contents of the Agreement before purchasing/exchanging the Insta360 Care service. If you do not agree with any terms or contents in the Agreement, please do not purchase/exchange the Insta360 Care service.

Regarding the matters not covered in the Agreement concerning product after-sales maintenance, the content of the "After-Sales Policy" shall prevail; in case of conflicts between the Agreement and the "After-Sales Policy," the content of the Agreement shall prevail.

I. “Insta360 Care” Service Scope

During the Service Term of “Insta360 Care” service, the cost of one repair confirmed by the Customer Service Center to be covered by the plan shall be borne by Insta360. Details are as follows:

(1) The types of Insta360 product are as follows:

Type of Insta360 Product* Specific Service Target
Insta360 Ace Insta360 Ace
Insta360 Ace Pro Insta360 Ace Pro
Insta360 X3 Insta360 X3
Insta360 GO 3 Insta360 GO 3 Core, charging box
Insta360 Flow Insta360 Flow
Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360, matching lens
Insta360 ONE RS Insta360 ONE RS Core, matching lens
Insta360 Link Insta360 Link
Insta360 ONE X2 Insta360 ONE X2
Insta360 GO 2 Insta360 GO 2 Core, charging box

*Co-branded or Collaborative Cameras or Non-official Insta360 Cameras are not part of the“Insta360 Care” service.

Collaborative Camera: refers to cameras developed in collaboration between Insta360 and other companies or brands.

Official Insta360 Camera: refers to genuine cameras purchased from the official channel of Insta360 or authorized distribution channels.

(2) “Insta360 Care” service shall have a one-year effective warranty period (the “Service Term”) beginning from 00:00 of the following date of self-service activation.

(3) Please send the camera to the designated Customer Service Center for repair for any damage to the camera caused by: dropping, pressure, and impact covered under “Insta360 Care“ service and within the Service Term. The cost incurred shall be borne by Insta360.

(4) During the Service Term, the Insta360 shall be liable only for the cost of the damage covered by Insta360 Care and caused by the preceding reasons. Under “Insta360 Care” service, the camera one free repair service and the service liability shall be deemed fulfilled.

(5) The replaced damage parts or product shall belong to Insta360.

(6) Insta360 will be responsible for the return shipping cost to the Customer Service Center and the cost of shipping the repaired product back to the user. If the actual shipping address you provided is different from the purchasing address, you will be responsible for any difference in shipping fees caused by the inconsistent addresses. The purchasing address should be based on the region you selected when placing the order on the Insta360 Store (

II. “Insta360 Care” Service Disclaimer

1. The following situations shall be excluded from “Insta360 Care” service:

(1) Intended damage to the lens and camera caused by the user.

(2) Inconsistent, modified cameras with serial numbers on record as entered during activation.

(3) Broken lenses or other existing problems with the camera at time of purchasing “Insta360 Care”.

(4) Unauthorized disassembly, repair, alteration, or modification of Care service products without permission from Insta360, as well as the damage caused by installation, use, and operation that do not conform to the instructions, including but not limited to the use of non-original batteries.

(5) Theft, robbery, misplacement or loss of the camera.

(6) Abrasion, corrosion, oxidation, rust, deterioration, natural wear of camera.

(7) Damage caused by dust, freezing and heat.

(8) Loan or letting the camera covered by “Insta360 Care” service to a third party for profit (including cameras already let).

(9) Electrical circuit, mechanic malfunctions and other internal malfunctions that are caused by incidents such as: traffic accidents, maritime accidents and natural disasters.

(10) Data or program damage invalidated by a virus or other malware/similar damage, preventing the normal operation of the camera.

(11) Damage or loss of accessories, including but not limited to the storage card, charger and data cable.

(12) Flaws in appearance, such as peeling, scratches or discoloring, unrelated to camera damage.

(13) Loss or damage of data, programs or software not required for the basic function of the product.

(14) Direct or indirect damage caused by force majeure, including but not limited to war, civil war, riot, revolution, military coup, terrorism, nuclear radiation, nuclear explosions and other nuclear risks, typhoons, floods, blizzards, tornadoes, storms, tsunamis, land subsidence, cliff collapse, avalanches, hail, mudslides, landslides, or sandstorms.

(15) Any damage to the product caused by unverifiable “incidents”.

(16) The cause of the damage to the Care service products falls within Insta360's legal obligations to repair, replace, or return the product under the applicable laws in your country/region.

2. Other disclamations of the “Insta360 Care” Service

The Insta360 shall not be held liable for the following damages and expenses:

(1) Every repair request not covered by the “Insta360 Care” Service Term or agreed service period.

(2) Any losses, expenses or liabilities not covered by the “Insta360 Care” service Agreement.

(3) Any penalty, fine and punitive damages, indirect losses, or mental damages of any format.

(4) Extra expenses to boost, improve camera technical standards, and performance.

(5) Personal injuries and/or property losses and/or any economic losses of you or any other persons caused by using the camera.

(6) Maintenance, repair or exchange done at a place that is not a Customer Service Center designated by Insta360.

(7) Litigation, arbitration and other expenses related to this service Agreement.

III . “Insta360 Care” Service Precaution

Please read the following instructions carefully to better enjoy the Insta360 Care service.

The Insta360 Care service can only be bound to the products that are supported for binding as listed in “I. Insta360 Care Service Scope”, and can be used after the Care service is activated. When purchasing the Insta360 Care service, you have the option to:

(1) Purchased with a product: Insta360 Care will automatically bind to the product and activate as soon as the product is activated or within 2-6 days of the product being shipped (Insta360 Link only).

(2) Individual purchase within a specified time after Care service product activation: When making an individual purchase, you need to provide the serial number of the Care service product to verify if it meets the specified purchase time limit. Otherwise, the purchase will not be possible.

Type of Insta360 Product Individual Purchase Time Limits activation time
Insta360 X3 The purchase of Insta360 Care service must be completed within 15 days after product activation. After a successful individual purchase, the Insta360 Care service will automatically be bound and activated for the product you purchased.
Insta360 GO 3
Insta360 Ace
Insta360 Ace Pro
Insta360 Flow
Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360
Insta360 ONE RS
Insta360 ONE X2
Insta360 GO 2
Insta360 Link The purchase of Insta360 Care service must be completed within 18 days after the product purchase.

If you purchase “Insta360 Care” Service for Insta360 Link and the system verifies that the Insta360 Link was not purchased from the Insta360 Official Store ( or the system cannot match your order according to the serial number you filled in, please follow the instruction on the purchasing pop-up to check and fill in the purchase date of Insta360 Link. Before the repair process begins, we will verify whether the Link purchase date you filled in is consistent with the purchase certificate. If it is inconsistent, you may not be able to use the Care service and “Insta360 Care” will be refunded.

IV. User’s Liabilities and Obligations under the “Insta360Care” Service

After purchasing the service, you shall be liable to fulfill the following obligations prescribed herein under this article. The Insta360 shall hold the right to suspend the service per severity for a violation.

(1) Proper preventive measures shall be taken immediately for improper use and environmental conditions that are known to cause possible damage to the camera.

(2) Necessary measures must be taken to reduce or control possible damage during any potential incidents, and the Insta360’s rules and procedures must be followed in requesting repairs.

(3) Documents (including but not limited to invoice, purchase list, front and back copies of personal ID) required for requesting repair must be provided along with incident details (photos or proof of incident must be provided upon request by the Insta360) without fraud or fabrication.

(4) Data stored in the camera, such as sensitive photos and videos shall be backed up or transferred before the camera is sent in for repair to avoid data loss due to repair or replacement. You acknowledge that if you do not back up or transfer such data, Insta360 will inevitably be exposed to such data during the provision of the services and Insta360 shall not be held liable for the loss of any data and information or data damage.

(5) Unauthorized disassembly, modification or repair at unauthorized maintenance and repair sites is not allowed.

(6) Once “Insta360 Care” service is locked in and effective, it shall not be transferred to a third party or loaned to others for use.

(7) During the term of “Insta360 Care” service, the service shall be terminated automatically if the user is found to have damaged the product intentionally or has transferred the service for any fraudulent purpose. The Insta360 shall not be liable for refunding any expenses. The Insta360 shall have the right for legal recourse.

V. “Insta360 Care” Service Refund and Transfer

(1) When the covered camera is returned within fifteen (15) days, the associated “Insta360 Care” service can also be returned for a refund at that time. More than 15 days after the covered camera is purchased, cancellation, return or exchange of “Insta360 Care” service for any reason shall not be accepted.

(2) If “Insta360 Care” service is purchased with a camera and the camera’s serial number changes due to exchange, the new replacement camera can be associated with your existing “Insta360 Care” plan.

(3) If you purchase " Insta360 Care" at a separate time after purchasing the camera, once the product and service are activated and locked in, the service shall not be accepted for return or exchange.

(4) The service is non-transferable to a third party once activated.

VI. Warranty Termination

This “Insta360 Care” service shall be automatically terminated under any of the following circumstances:

(1) Upon the expiry of “Insta360 Care” Service Term.

(2) Upon completion of maintenance and repair of the camera in accordance with “Insta360 Care” provisions.

(3) Upon the expiry of the camera warranty in accordance with “Insta360 Care” provisions.

(4) Immature cessation due to the user’s failure of fulfillment of any liability or obligation (including but not limited to transfer the service to a third party, committing fraud or fabrication, etc.).

VII. “Insta360 Care” Service Support

(1) In the event of an accident, you can send an email to and Insta360 Care exclusive customer service will assist you.

(2) Prepare required documents (Order number, purchase list, payment record like credit card statement, PayPal receipt, wire transfer record) along with the product at issue to send to Insta360’s Customer Service Center as per the designated channel selected in accordance with “Insta360 Care” requirements; the user shall ensure the serial number and the personal ID are consistent with the ones provided when requesting the repair service; otherwise, the service request will be denied.

(3) The Customer Service Center shall inspect the camera at issue and reject or give a quote of maintenance and repair charges for any items not covered by the standard warranty service. Items satisfying the warranty service shall be handled in accordance with the Agreement.

VIII. "Insta360 Care” Service Information Protection

(1) Insta360 shall guarantee the security of online shopping and personal information.

(2) The maintenance and repair service covered under “Insta360 Care” service might require additional necessary information to be provided. The Insta360 will not release, disclose, sell or provide the collected information to any third party without your consent.

Remarks: “Insta360 Care” service requires information during the maintenance and repair process: order number, purchase list, payment record like credit card statement, PayPal receipt, wire transfer record, etc.

The preceding information shall be kept safe. To guarantee the service, the user shall agree that the Insta360 shall have the right to request the user to supply the required information.

For detailed information on how Insta360 handles your personal information, please refer to the "Insta360 Privacy Policy".

IX. Other Terms of Insta360 Care Service

(1) We may amend this Agreement and the Supplemental Agreement in accordance with changes in national laws and regulations and changes in Insta360 Care Service, and we will notify you of such changes (the "Changes") in the following reasonable manner.(a) Publicly announced copy. (b) Site messages, pop-up messages, and push messages. (c) Emails, SMS, correspondence, etc., based on the contact information you have reserved on our Platform. You should pay attention to our Platform announcements, alerts and changes to the content of the Agreement from time to time. You acknowledge and confirm that if you do not agree to the Changes, you shall immediately cease using Insta360 Care Service as of the effective date determined by the Changes; if you continue to use our Insta360 Care Service after the Changes become effective, you shall be deemed to know and agree to accept the Changes as they become effective.

(2) The Insta360 shall reserve the right of the final interpretation of matters related to "Insta360 Care". In case of any questions, the user may contact

(3)This Agreement is updated on [2024/7/12] and comes into effect on [2024/7/19].

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