10 Reasons Why You Need Insta360 X4 For Cycling

From city commutes to countryside rides, if you're heading out on your trusty two-wheeler, you should have an action camera that goes with you wherever the action does. Luckily for you, Insta360 X4 lets you pedal through life and capture it all in immense quality as you go. Here's 10 wheely-good (see what we did there?) reasons why X4 is a must-have for cyclists. Check them out!

1. You'll capture the most scenic rides of your life.

We mean it! Insta360 X4 shoots mind-blowing 8K 360º videos for super crispy, ultra-clear, top-quality shots of your ride from every. single. angle. There's also 5.7K at new and improved 60fps for smooth, sharp action. Slow it down by 2x for cinematic shots as you fly through puddles or make a sprint for the finish line. You've never seen rides like this before!

Once you're back on two legs rather than two wheels, you can easily reframe your 360º footage in the Insta360 app and choose your best shots after. You have every angle to play with, meaning infinite ways to edit one video, and it slots nicely into footage from other cameras with no compromises on image quality. The possibilities are quite literally endless. 

2. It doubles up as a 4K wide-angle camera.

By switching to Single-Lens Mode and filming with just one lens, X4 transforms into a rugged, wide-angle action camera with a more traditional "point-and-shoot" look. The best bit? It films up to 4K60fps, which means super-smooth, immersive POV shots. There's also MaxView for ultra-wide 170º POVs up to 4K30fps. Single-Lens mode looks great when X4 is mounted to your chest or helmet and is the perfect way to show off your route and scenic views.

Insta360 X4 Single-Lens Mode.

No reframing, no quality loss in the edit, no need for any other wide-angle action camera. Ohhh yeah, that's the good stuff.

3. You can overlay stats from your Garmin device or Apple Watch.

Just smashed your PR? Well, you're gonna want to show it off! Thanks to a dedicated integration, you can export your cycling stats from your Garmin device or Apple Watch and overlay real-time data like heart rate, GPS, route and more in just a few taps—no need to sync footage and timestamps!

Insta360 X4 integrated with Garmin and Apple.

If you're looking for even more control, the GPS Preview Remote lets you overlay stats and acts as a control center from your wrist or handlebars. If you have X4 mounted out of reach (think near your wheel), you'll be able to live preview your shots and completely control it, too!

4. It comes with removable lens guards for any biffs and stacks.

You wear your helmet, right? Might as well protect those camera lenses too. X4 comes with custom-molded plastic Standard Lens Guards in the box, or you can grab the tempered glass Premium Lens Guards for even greater protection. Both types of Lens Guards are easily removable with a simple twist for full flexibility.

There's also a super strong 2.5" Corning® Gorilla® glass touchscreen for easy operation, clear preview and rugged protection. Ride on without worry.

5. You can add motion blur without any extra equipment.

With the Motion ND effect in the Insta360 app or Studio, you can edit cinematic cycling shots without needing an ND filter! It shows a real sense of speed as you race down flats and roads.

Insta360 X4 Motion ND effect.

6. Your shots will be totally unshakeable. 

With gimbal-like FlowState Stabilization and our auto-leveling technology, 360º Horizon Lock, your shots will stay buttery smooth and upright no matter what. No shakes, no bumps, just smooooooooth pedalin'.

7. It can weather the weather.

X4 is waterproof to 33ft (10m) straight out of the box, so there's no need to worry when you get caught in rainstorms or pedal through puddles. 

8. It sits nicely on your bike's top cap.

Whether you're cycling the Tour de France or following your kids on a family ride, the new Bike Headset Cap Mount is a must-have accessory for cinematic cycling shots. It sits securely on your bike's head tube, seamlessly integrating your Insta360 X4 for immersive first-person POVs from your handlebars or impossible third-person angles with the Action Invisible Selfie Stick—just swap out your original headset cap* and go! The mount also rotates a full 360° to give you different angles with a quick twist. 
*Compatible with all standard 28.6mm (1-1/8in) headset top caps.

9. You can capture immersive first-person shots...

Mounting X4 to your chest means immersive POV footage completely hands-free. Did we mention there's a mount for that? The Chest Strap is comfortable, adjustable and has a rotatable base to easily switch between vertical and horizontal mounting. When you're sporting this one, you can change the touchscreen orientation so you can easily control the cam. Damn, we really thought of everything, huh?

Insta360 X4, best cycling camera.

10. ...or third-person views, no camera crew needed.

The Third-Person Handlebar Mount completely disappears in your edit for amazing third-person views. You can capture hands-free selfies, follow shots and reframe your 360º shots to show different perspectives and interesting scenery throughout your ride. It's strong, lightweight and has a quick release mechanism for easy installation and removal. 

Pedal hard, film smart with X4. If you like the sound of this 360º action camera for your cycling adventures, the X4 Bike Bundle has all your essentials neatly packaged into one epic bundle. To get the best from your Insta360 X4, check out our ultimate shooting guide here. Now get on your bikes and ride!

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WRITTEN BY @Laura Nellis
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