Gary Vaynerchuk Gets Fired Up in 360

A personality like Gary Vaynerchuk — the famous entrepreneur, social media guru and indomitable hustler — is hard to fit in a box.

That’s why we reached for the Insta360 Pro as soon as we heard he was coming to Hong Kong.

Startup Grind's APAC community director Jan Smejkal teamed up with local entrepreneurs’ club Mettā to host a fireside chat with Vaynerchuk, and we had a blast helping Mettā broadcast the event live in 360 on Facebook using the Insta360 Pro.

We’re sharing the broadcast below for those who missed it the first time, along with a video Vaynerchuk put together about his experience in Hong Kong.

The talk is a motivational kick and a great example of how extraordinary, one-off events can be shared with the world in live 360.

(Note: Image quality of the broadcast has been compressed by Facebook's live-streaming platform.)

Here's Vaynerchuk's take on the trip:

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