There's a chill in the air... Can you feel it? Winter is almost here, and it's time to take your Insta360 camera our and capture the best of the snowy season. Got your Winter blockbuster idea ready? We're looking for the best Winter post, and we're offering $500 cash for your best!
Looking for some inspiration? We got you:
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We’ll take any submission, video (any duration) or photos! If you're capturing the best of Winter, we're interested! You'll even get a $20 store voucher just for entering! Applicable for orders over $200.
What You Can Win
Grand Prize
Second Prize
Third Prize
Nominated Entries
Contest Judges
Tae Westcott
Hi guys Tae Westcott here, I'm a world traveler, content creator, photographer and professional skier. I've been using Insta360 cameras for quite some time and I love the creative doors this camera opens for people of all backgrounds to explore.
Mati Schmitt
I am a snowboarder from Patagonia, I have been chasing winter around the world for 12 years, I have always liked filming and editing videos, in the last few years I’ve been telling my stories from a unique point of view thanks to Insta360.
Geoff Brown
I’m a pro boarder and I ride in the Whistler Backcountry. I’ve been creating content for Insta360 since the introduction of the ONE X and I’ve been loving the mind-melting perspectives I’ve been able to get with these cameras. Please check out my Instagram to see some unique angles of snowboarding in the Canadian Backcountry.
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The Small Print
  1. It's an Insta360 contest, so you’ve gotta use an Insta360 camera.
  2. Get creative with the “Winter” theme in any way you like. We’re on the hunt for the best of Winter, so think big!
  3. Submit your own original content. No one likes a copycat. You'll be thrown out of the bar for plagiarism.
  4. There is no limit to the number of entries submitted by each participant, but each person can get no more than three vouchers.
  5. Don't break the law or do anything obscene in your content. It'll be disqualified.
  6. We respect your ownership of the copyright to your work, and use it according to the following terms: By submitting content, you grant Insta360 a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sub-licensable and transferable license to use your content, including but not limited to reproducing, editing, adapting, publishing and displaying your content, and creating, reproducing, editing, adapting, publishing and displaying the derivative works of content for the purpose of business or non-business.
  7. The award will be announced by email, which will contain more details. So, don’t forget to provide an email address we can reach you at!
  8. As always, think bold, be creative, get out there and have fun!