360° Video Chat Tutorial
  • All-new 360° Video Chat lets you share an immersive, real-time view of your world.
  • 1. Connect your Nano S to your iPhone and open the Nano S App;
  • 2. Enter the album page, click the top left button to enter the 360° Video Chat;
  • 3. Click the Filter button on the right, you can choose to use Beauty or Filter function to edit;
  • 4. Click on the left two buttons, you can switch between 360° Video Chat mode and MultiView Video Chat mode;
  • 5. Click the Call button to start a Video Chat, share the link to your friends to open to join the call.
  • Compatibility requirements for 360° Video Chat receiver Phone:
  • IOS:
  • 1.IOS 11: open the call link and click the more buttons in the top right corner, in the pop-up box, select "open in Safari", you can join the 360° Video Chat. Or, if your phone has a Nano S App already installed, open the call link and click "Open in App" to join the 360° Video Chat.
  • 2.IOS 9/IOS 10: Open the call link and then you need to download the Nano S App, after the download is complete, return to the prompt page and click "Open in App" to join the 360° Video Chat.
  • 3.System bottom than IOS 9: temporarily unable to use this feature.
  • Android:
  • 1. Click on the link and use a compatible browser such as Chorme to open and join the 360° Video Chat;
  • 2. If the mobile browser tips are "not compatible", you can download the Insta360 Nano ONE App. After installing, back to the prompt page, click "Open in App" to join the 360° Video Chat.