How to export photos or videos?
    1. With Micro SD card (TF card) installed, photos and videos are stored in the card. Two ways that you can export the photos and videos.

  1. Export to iPhone album:
  2. 1.Connect Nano to iPhone, and open the photo or video you need to export.
  3. 2.Click the Share button.
  4. 3.Click 360 icon and a spherical panoramic photo/video will be saved in the iPhone album; and for video, you can also click the Little Planet icon to export a little planet video.

  1. Export to computer:
  2. 1.Take Micro SD card (TF card) from Nano and connect it to the computer via card reader.
  3. 2.Open DCIM-Camera01 file.
  4. 3.Copy the photos/videos to the computer, then you can view/edit them by using Insta360 Player and Insta360 Studio.
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