Online Repair Request Terms and Conditions


Update Time: Nov 09, 2023

Effective Time: Nov 17, 2023

Online Repair Request Terms and Conditions

Hi, Thank you for choosing Insta360 Online Repair Request. This service is offered by Arashi Vision Inc. (hereinafter as referred to as “Insta360” or “we”). Online Repair Request is meant to help you proceed a repair or replacement request on Insta360’s official website and assist you to send the product back to Insta360. Before using our Online Repair Request service, please go through this Online Repair Request Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “these T&Cs”). IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT ANY CLAUSE OF THESE T&CS, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY ONLINE REPAIR REQUEST. For any matter regarding product after-sales services that is not mentioned in these T&Cs, the provision in the After Sales Services Policy shall prevail. In case of any conflict between these T&Cs and the After Sales Services Policy, the provisions in these T&Cs shall prevail.

Notice before Application

  • • You agree to provide Insta360 with your personal information (including but not limited to name, phone number, address, age, etc.) and agree to authorize Insta360 to collect, process and to use such information in servicing you according to the Insta360 Privacy Policy. For more information regarding how we process and protect your personal information, please refer to Insta360 Privacy Policy.
  • • You agree and understand that if completely necessary without any alternative solutions, Insta360 may read, analyze and use the information recorded in the product to allow Insta360 to identify the cause of product failure and to determine liability regarding damage to the product. This information includes, but is not limited to, the parameters set by the product, photos and videos on the product's internal memory, third-party software and software packages, and other data files. We strongly suggest that you delete the aforementioned data files in the product and conduct necessary data backup to prevent those data files from being leaked.
  • • If, during the warranty period, Insta360 products fail caused by self-disassembly, or the products fail after the user disassembles the camera for testing, Insta360 has the right not to offer free repair services and will charge repair costs according to the terms of the warranty. If the dismantling of the camera is excessive resulting in the inability to repair,according to the "After Sales Services Policy", Insta360 reserves the right not to provide free maintenance services and will charge maintenance fees.
  • • If the camera or related accessories are severely damaged and do not have repair value, Insta360 will not offer repair services and inform you of the specific conditions of the unit via emails, along with the option to replace the product, if you do not want to exchange it for a new one, Insta360 will send it back at your request or upon your confirmation.
  • • Please understand that the surface stickers and protective film or coverings may be damaged if your product needs to be disassembled during maintenance.

Terms of Attention

Data Backup

  • • Before sending the product back for repair, please backup and delete all data on the product (including but not limited to photos, videos, third-party software and software packages and other data files on the internal memory) in a timely manner. Please understand that when inspecting or repairing the product, engineers may erase all data from the product due to repair. If you do not back up and delete the information before sending the product back, Insta360 will strive to protect your data and privacy, but does not make any guarantees or promises which are beyond that is legally required in this regard.

Repair Request Submission

  • • Please describe the product performance failure in detail on the application page, and indicate the damaged part of the appearance, so that engineers can quickly position the failure problem. However, please understand that the final test result will be based on the actual product received by Insta360 and the engineer's test report.

Check the Product before Sending it out

  • • If the battery has bulging packs, broken appearance, leaking liquid and with water or other safety risks, please do not send the battery back to prevent accidents in transit. Insta360 is not responsible for any damage caused by this.
  • • Please do not send back the SD card. You agree that, considering Insta360 may have access to your data when providing inspection or repair services to your product, if you have valuable data or personal information, please copy and delete it yourself, or simply remove the SD card. If you do send it back, please check with customer service and be sure to back up the data on the SD card in advance. Insta360 will not be responsible for any data loss or other problems that may occur solely because of yourself, unless expressly required by applicable laws.
  • • Before sending the product back for repair, please properly dispose of personalized items and decorations (including but not limited to product decorative stickers, paint spray, etc.) attached to the original product, Insta360 is not responsible for the breakage or loss of personalized items and decorations during the normal repair operation.
  • • Please do not send back any products or accessories (e.g. protective film, tempered film, cell phone, third party selfie stick, etc.) that are not Insta360's. Insta360 is not responsible for any damage or loss caused by this.

Sending the Product

  • To avoid problems during shipping, please be sure to follow the Insta360 return shipping guidelines to properly pack your product and attach the necessary information before forwarding it to the courier. Insta360 is not responsible for any damage caused by this.
  • If you intend to send back products across countries/regions, you must obtain Insta360's consent and you will be responsible for any customs duties and clearance fees incurred.
  • • If you need to get the parcel including your product insured, please note that the insurance cost is borne by you. If you get parcel insured and arrange collecting by delivery, Insta360 will reject receiving the parcel.
  • • As the product will be sent for repair using third party courier service, if any damage occurs to the product you send for repair due to the third party courier during the transit and delivery process, it is upon you to communicate with the logistics provider and apply for claim processing, Insta360 is not responsible.
  • Please send the product within 15 working days after submitting the repair request, otherwise the request will be invalid. If you have special circumstances, you can contact customer service on the official website or via email.

Repair & Charge Payment

  • • When inspecting or repairing the product, to eliminate product failure caused by the firmware version mismatch and to ensure the performance and safety of the product, Insta360 will update the firmware of your product to the latest version for free by default.
  • • Please confirm whether you agree to the repair within 30 days after the repair request is updated on the website. If you refuse the repair, Insta360 will send the original machine back to you at the address you submitted the repair request, and you will be responsible for the delivery cost.

Repair Completed & Product Sent Back

  • • If the address you provide is incorrect or there is a case that the recipient refuses to receive the delivery, the resulting loss shall be borne by you.

  • • If Insta360 is unable to contact you through your registered contact information over a long period of time, resulting in undeliverable or rejected courier returned to Insta360, or your repair request is in a long-term unpaid status, Insta360 will hold the product for 60 calendar days from the date of last contact with you / the date of return of the courier to Insta360, and the storage fee will be calculated from the date of expiration of the storage period. Due to the corresponding requirements of the storage environment, the storage fee billing standard: US $15 / day, when the storage fee is equivalent to the residual value of the product, Insta360 will have the right to dispose of the product (product residual value calculation method: residual value = original selling price - the repair costs).

Receiving Product

  • • To ensure your right, when you receive the goods, please check whether the product is intact (whether there is damage caused by logistics and other reasons). If the product is abnormal, please contact Insta360 customer service within 24 hours from the date of receiving it. After the deadline, it will be regarded as your default product is not damaged and normal performance, Insta360 will not provide after-sales acceptance anymore.

Please be aware that the following circumstances may cause the repair period to be extended, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

  • 1.Transportation of products, customs and other force majeure factors lead to long transportation time
  • 2.The customer service center is out of inventory of the repair materials. (Insta360 will promptly notify customers of the lack of supplies, the user can choose to replace the repair materials or continue to wait for the arrival)
  • 3.If the engineer detects the camera needs to gather feedback from you again to help accurately position the problem, if a long time has not received your feedback, it will not be able to further the maintenance process.
  • 4.When it's peak season for repairs, repair progress will slow down.
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