Google Street View
Q1. Does the ONE X support uploading photos and videos to Google Street View? How do I capture GPS info for photos and videos?
Footage with GPS info can be uploaded to Google Street View.
To take a photo with GPS, please connect your ONE X to the mobile app before shooting, then the photos will use the GPS data recorded by your phone. To take a video with GPS, please connect your ONE X to your phone first, and enable GSV or Stats in the app before recording.
Note: If you are shooting indoors, you may have a poor GPS signal, which may result in GPS data not being gathered.

Q2. Can l upload my ONE X footage to GSV from my phone’s album?
Photos can be uploaded to GSV from your phone’s local album after exporting it from the ONE X App, but videos can only be directly uploaded from the ONE X APP to GSV.

Q3. Does the ONE X have a built-in GPS module to capture footage with GPS?
The ONE X does not have a built-in GPS module and cannot shoot footage with GPS independently. It requires our dedicated GPS Smart Remote, or your mobile phone.

Q4. Can I close the app while recording photos and videos with GPS?
No, in order to get GPS data, the App must keep running in the foreground all the time, and cannot be in the background.

Q5. What can I do if I can't successfully upload to Google Street View?
The problem can be verified by a specific error. Please follow these steps to troubleshoot:
1. Does the App show a message indicating that it has been successfully uploaded? If yes, please restart the GSV App.
2. If not, please log into the GSV App and go to "Profile" to check if the status shows a successful upload. If there is not, there will be an error on the ONE X App. If re-uploading does not solve the problem, and it is not caused by missing GPS data, please send a screenshot of the error message to us for further investigation.
3. If the upload was successful, please check if the display shows failed processing, or processing. If it displays that processing failed, please contact Google Street Views Support to confirm the reason; if the display shows that it is being processed, please wait another 1-3 business days, Google Street View sometimes extra processing time.

Please click here to contact us for further support.
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