Video: Timelapse, Bullte Time, HDR, LOG
Q1. Can ONE X perform continuous recording?
Only if the power and storage has enough remaining for your shoot. ONE X is capable of continuous recording, but the footage will be stored in segments:
Shooting Mode Resolution&Frame Rate Length of Recording Time
Standard Video
Bullet Time
(max length of final time-lapse video; not the length of recording time)
HDR Video

Q2. Does Timelapse mode support FlowState?
Timelapse mode does support Flowstate, but due to the sparse data collected in a Timelapse, the FlowState effect may not be as optimal as in normal shooting modes.

Q3. Does Timelapse shooting record audio?
No, Timelapses don’t record audio, ONE X will shoot one frame in interval seconds, and compose those frames into a video without audio.

Q4. Will the video still have audio after changing the speed?
If the video is at the original speed, the sound is retained. Once the speed is adjusted, sound will not playback on your video.
(Note: 3K@100fps video plays back with a 4x slowdown in the app, so when you select 4x speed, it corresponds to 1x speed, and there will be sound, other speed ramping multiples have no sound).

Q5. What is the video bitrate of Insta360 ONE X?
Below are the maximum bitrates, the actual bitrate will differ according to different conditions.
5.7K is 50-60Mbps per lens, 100-120Mbps in total.
4K@30fp is 50Mbps.
4K@50fps is 85Mbps.
3K@100fps is 100Mbps.

Q6. Can the app show a real-time preview when recording?
3K@100fps, HDR, Timelapse and Bullettime modes can be previewed before shooting, but not while shooting, other resolutions and modes can be previewed before and while shooting.

Q7. Can the EV be adjusted for HDR video?
Yes, please connect your ONE X to a mobile phone, and adjust the EV in App.

Q8. What is the resolution of HDR video?

Q9. What is the file format of LOG video? What is the workflow to edit it?
The original file format is insv. When playing in the app, it will automatically apply the default LUT that can be manually turned off for preview. If you need to edit on PC or Mac, please use Studio to export to an MP4 file, then use third-party software for edit further. The LUT file needed for color grading can be downloaded here.

Q10. What is the maximum export resolution of bullet time footage?
1080P: 1920*1080.

Q11. Why is Bullet time footage displayed with distortion in Adobe Premiere Pro?
Because Premiere doesn’t support Bullet time footage shot on ONE X. To avoid this, please use Studio to export your bullet time footage as MP4, then import into Premiere to edit further.

Q12. Why does my Bullet time footage rotate on an axis not intended?
If you’re using string to spin your ONE X overhead, please make sure the string is fastened securely, and enter shooting status before spinning overhead for roughly 1 rotation per second. The same applies to the Bullet time accessory. This will ensure your shots look great.

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