Power Supply & Battery
Q1. How long can ONE X shoot for with one fully charged battery?
Under normal conditions, one fully charged battery can continuously shoot for roughly 1 hour at 5.7K@30fps or 4K@50fps.
Q2. What is the working temperature of the battery?
It is recommended to be used in -20℃-40℃. However, in most summer conditions it will work fine. A battery can be used for about 40 mins in -20℃-0℃, and 60-70 mins in 0℃-40℃.
Q3. How do I charge the ONE X battery? How long will it take to fully charge the battery?
There are 2 methods to charge the battery: 1.Use charging station: it will take about 60 mins to fully charge 2 batteries at the same time using the official 9V/2A adapter. 2.Use ONE X: insert the battery into the battery slot of ONE X, and use a 5V/1A or 5V/2A adapter to charge, which will take about 100 minutes to finish charging.
Q4. Can I use a power bank to charge the ONE X while shooting?
Yes, a power bank can be used while shooting, both with, and without a battery inserted. A 5V/1A output is required if your ONE X is with battery inside, and 5V/2A output is required without battery inside.
Q5. Is it possible to use a power bank or the power output in the car to charge charging station?
No, it is not recommended. The official 9V/2A adapter is strongly recommended for the charging station. Because a 9V/2A output is strong enough for the charging station to achieve quick charge, and the official adapter can guarantee it. If the official adapter is lost, please use an adapter that has an output of 9V/2A.
Q6. What is input and output of the official adapter for the ONE X charging station?
The input range is 110V-240V, and the output is 9V/2A.
Q7. What do the different indicator lights mean on the charging station?
No battery/Battery not recognized/High-temperature protection: flashing green and red Charging: Solid red Full charge: Solid green
Q8. How do I reboot the camera when it is dead without any response?
1.The battery may have low power, so please use fully charge the battery or charge the ONE X and retry. 2.If it makes no difference, please hold the power button for about 15s or pull out the battery directly to force reboot your ONE X. Note: Please do not take out the battery during a firmware update! If the problem still occurs, please contact us for checking.
Q9. How long does the ONE X last when fully charged?
Use Time When the battery is fully charged, the ONE X lasts roughly 60 mins while shooting 5.7K @30FPS or 4K@50FPS video when it is used independently or connected to a phone via Wi-Fi. Max Duration of Single Clip:
Shooting Modes Resolution & Frame Rate Length of Recording Time
Standard Video
Bullet Time
30mins (max length pf final Time-Lapse video; not lenth of recording time)
HDR Video
Note: When the recording duration reaches the limited time, ONE X will save the file automatically and continue recording, resulting in a 1-2 second recording interruption in the middle.
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