How do I export EVO App files to my computer?
Export EVO APP files from iPhone to your Macbook:
  • 1.Please download iTunes and install on your computer.
  • 2.Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable, then refer to the indicator to authorize access.
  • 3.After the successful authorization, please click the small phone icon on the left top corner, and iPhone’s resource would show up.
  • 4. Click "File Sharing’ on the left menu, then choose “insta360 EVO” among the list.
  • 5.Find the folder with name of DCIM, which store all pictures and videos taken via EVO.
  • 6.Hit “Save” on the right bottom, then select the location where you want to save those photos and videos; at last, click the "save" again, and you can view them on your computer now.
  • Export EVO APP files from Android phone to your windows computer:
  • 1.Please connect Android phone to your computer, and select “Manage Files” when message pops up on your phone to allow computer to access to the phone.
  • 2.Click on “This PC”, and find “GalleryOriginal” folder under Insta360Evo which is EVO APP’s album folder. Now drag the whole folder or the selected files to the location on your computer where you want to save them.
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