Turn your iPhone into a 360° camera.
Hear what media have to say
The camera really seems to be built for social media because it’s super easy to use, plus editing and sharing can be done directly from your phone. It’s up to your preference and what kind of photos you want, but the Nano S just captures it all and is good for landscape shots or showing off where you are without hassle. It’s a camera I’d most likely use while I’m traveling. But if you’re into selfies and outfit photos, it could also serve as a handy workaround instead of, say, asking your insta-boyfriend.
The Nano S will allow its users to make a 360-degree video call to anyone--meaning the recipient doesn’t need an Insta360 camera themselves to move through the 360-degree call. The Nano S’ MultiView feature should also allow users to adjust content inside each individual section of a split-screen layout. The MultiView feature should be usable for live-streams and video chats, along with editing your 360-degree content.
Insta360 took things one step further by adding a couple of practical features: MultiView Shooting to output a conventional video clip with two or three camera angles and 360-degree video chat that gives any recipient, even someone without an Insta360 device or app, a live spherical view on the caller's end. For the latter, the caller just needs to share a link from the app to the recipient.
Ever wanted to quickly, easily take a 360 selfie? Or, even better, livestream 360-degree video to all your Facebook friends? Of course you have. With Insta360's new Nano S, you can do all that, and with fantastic results. 
Nano S Exclusive
It’s you. And the view.
MultiView lets you record in every direction, and arrange the best of what you see in one frame. Perfect for live-streaming, video chat, and blowing up Instagram.
Go live in 360° on your favorite platform.
360° Video Chat
Nano S Exclusive
Wherever you go. Bring along the people who matter.
All-new 360° Video Chat lets you share an immersive, real-time view of your world.
Get every shot. In one take.
Capture everything around you. Then frame the best of it. FreeCapture puts you in the director’s
chair for life’s great moments.
Real-Time Stabilization
Never rattled.
You know that super-accurate gyroscope hidden in your iPhone? The Nano S uses it to counteract every wobble and shake.
The result is buttery-smooth footage that’s a dream to watch.
One-Touch Sharing
Ready to share. Anywhere.
Post the perfect angle or a full 360° view. Whether you’re sharing your shots with an audience of millions or an audience of one, the Nano S makes it easy with streamlined support for all your favorite apps.
4K 360° Video + 20 MP 360° Photos
Shoot 4K 360°. Wherever. Whenever.
Dark. Light.
Whichever feels right.
Choose Your Look