Turn your smartphone
into a 360 camera

Hear what media have to say
The most affordable and portable 360 VR camera is from China
"If you travel or socialize a lot and want a quick and cheap option to take fun 360-degree photos or videos, the Insta360, at $129, is hard to beat."
"I like the Insta360 Air a lot. It’s a clever design, and most importantly, it just works. You plug it in, take photos, upload, done. The software easy to use and the stitching excellent. The price is also fantastic."
All inside a portable and convenient package
"The Insta360 Air is a fun, easy-to-use, and affordable introduction to 360-degree stills and video for consumers. It neatly sidesteps the often-frustrating connection woes associated with standalone 360-degree cameras – all inside a highly portable and convenient package."
Mini 360-degree camera for Android smartphones
"Basically, it’s a tool that adds a lot of flexibility to your photographic arsenal, and it definitely earned a permanent spot in my camera bag."
The best 360 camera your money can buy
"This is the Insta360: designed for sharing your wares on social media platforms. It's quick, efficient, reasonable quality and – above all, for some – directly compatible with YouTube, Instagram and Facebook."
Compatible Cameras for Live 360
"Recommended cameras for every day and professional use for the best Live 360 experience."

One touch to the world.

Share 360 highlights of your life with friends on social media or broadcast them in real time with live-streaming mode.

Goes with USB cable doubles as a webcam stand.(To be purchased separately)

Just plug in and your Air is a 360 webcam.

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand.

Or your pocket when you're on the move.

37.6 mm

Two versions: Micro USB/ USB Type-C Connector
Please choose the appropriate version
according to your phone.

Tailored to your device.

Wide-ranging Android compatibility.
360 creation has never been simpler.

Phone Configuration Requirements

OTG Supports OTG
System Version Android 5.1 or above
RAM RAM: 2G or above
System on Chip(SOC) Qualcomm: 600 Series or 800 Series
MTK: Helio X10, X20, X25, X30 Series
Exynos: 7410, 8890
Huawei Kirin: Kirin9xx Series

Go ahead, take your pick.

4 color options + silicone rubber case
that shows the Air at its best.

Available colors

Capture full experiences.

To share and revisit.

1. One-touch photo and video capture
2. Select VR mode
3. VR headset experience
Life is best in 360.

This camera goes all in.
Capture everything, everywhere.

Go live in 360 on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.



Firmware Update Pinhole USB Connector Lens LED Indicator Lens
Phone compatibility Android phones
Apps Insta360 Air, Insta360 Player
Minimum aperture F2.4
Photo capture resolution 3008 x 1504 (3K)
Video capture resolution 2560 x 1280
Video 30 frames per second (FPS)
Dimensions [Metric] 37.6mm diameter
Dimensions (US) 0.12ft diameter, 0.13ft height
Weight 26.5g
Connector USB micro/Type-C (Please choose the appropriate version according to your phone. )
UPC 842126100116 (USB micro)
842126100079 (Type-C)