Q1. Why does the image rotate itself when playing back or previewing in the app?
This phenomenon is caused by abnormal gyroscope data. Please refer to this Gyro Calibration Tutorial to perform gyro calibration before shooting.

Q2. Does Studio support Flowstate?
Yes, please check "Use Flowstate Stabilization" before exporting.

Q3. Do Timelapse support FlowState?
Timelapse supports FlowState, but since data collection is sparse, the effect is mildly adversely affected.

Q4. Why does the video still playback with it moving around even though FlowState has been enabled?
Because FlowState eliminates shakes on an axis, it can't eliminate moving around and displacing the camera.

Q5. Can ONE X shoot an image with a standard orientation if it is shot with the camera upside down?
Yes, please place the ONE X vertically for gyroscope calibration before shooting. After shooting, select “Horizontal Correction” (photo) or “FlowState Stabilization” (video), the screen will automatically adjust.

Q6. Is there any method to adjust the gyro data due to forgetting to perform gyro correction before shooting?
Yes, it is recommended to use Premiere Pro2 019 or FCPX10.4 with its own orientation adjustment plug-in for videos, and Photoshop 2019 for photos.

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