Insta360 X4: The New 360 Cam Perfect for Motorcyclists

Here at Insta360, we're stoked to introduce Insta360 X4, our revolutionary action camera that promises to redefine the way motorcyclists capture their journeys. With 8K 360° video finally possible, alongside higher frame rates like 5.7K60fps, there's never been a better camera for filming two-wheeled shots.

Designed to be the perfect match for riders, the X4 features a durable, compact form factor that's easy to carry and use, and can be mounted in a variety of places on a motorcycle. The camera is also waterproof to 33ft right out of the box, built to resist splashes or dust effortlessly while on the road.

X4's tough build is further enhanced by new removable lens guards, offering peace of mind during rides. The camera is equipped with a powerful 5nm AI chip, enabling smart control systems like Voice and Gesture Control, and significantly improved battery life, boasting a 135-minute run time.

Let's dive further into just how X4 stands as the perfect companion every time you hop on your bike!

Incredible third-person views in 8K and high-res slow motion.

Our 8K30fps resolution is the pinnacle for 360° action cams, delivering stunningly detailed and sharp visuals. Creators can reframe their shots after filming — it's like being able to go back in time to choose the perfect angle, and this top-tier resolution ensures this reframed footage is super crispy at almost 4K resolution.

This capability sets the X4 apart, making it ideal for creating high-quality clips or integrating them smoothly into larger projects. Plus, when paired with our unique Invisible Selfie Stick effect, X4 provides an astonishing third-person perspective that makes it seem as if a drone is following you, perfect for bikers capturing their rides.

A shot of a man using an Insta360 X4 in a rear mounted position on a motorbike.
Use the Invisible Selfie Stick to get an unbeatable third-person shot!

On the performance front, X4 doesn't just stop at stunning resolution. For those looking to capture action or slow-motion scenes, we now offer 5.7K video at 60fps, ensuring smoother and more precise imagery. Additionally, a new 4K100fps mode allows for breathtaking, cinematic slow motion shots at 4x normal speed, enhancing the drama and impact of every frame.

Innovating the Motorcycle Camera Space

X4 sports a host of features that enhance the experience for motorcyclists.

Auto Dash Mode and Loop Recording transform X4 from an action camera to a fully loaded dashcam. With Auto Dash, X4 can automatically power on and start recording as soon as you start riding. Once mounted, X4 can enter Loop Recording Mode to automatically record a pre-determined segment while continuously overwriting files to save time and card space. This is crucial for capturing key moments on the road, or even highlights you find along the way!

X4 comes with support for multiple motorcycle mounts so you're free to choose how to capture your ride. Try mounting on your helmet or opt for a POV view via the Chest Mount.

There are also several motorcycle mounts available that offer rock-steady, unique angles with X4. From mounting on the handlebars or wing mirror, to a full, third-person shot a la GTA with the Motorcycle U-Bolt Mount, X4 captures 360° motorcycle content like no other camera out there.

Insta360 has developed support for a variety of Bluetooth motorcycle headsets as well, from the likes of Cardo, Sena, and more. Pair your Bluetooth headset with the X4 for clearer audio recording and effortless voice control, enhancing your motovlogging experience substantially. No cables or bulky setups here!

When paired with a Garmin device or Apple Watch, you'll also have the option to add unique data and overlays to your footage in editing. This includes GPS data, elevation, speed, and more!

A mountain biker rider using Insta360 X4 with a Chest Mount for a POV shot.
Use the Chest Mount to get great onboard shots, whether motorcycle or mountain bike!

Creative Freedom in the Palm of Your Hand

X4 makes it easier than ever to get out there and capture your ride in all its beauty. With AI-powered shooting and editing features, riders can easily share their unique perspectives.

As Insta360's flagship action camera, you'll find unbeatable FlowState Stabilization for smooth shots, 360° Horizon Lock, and our classic Invisible Selfie Stick effect in full play - ensuring your third-person shots look sharper than ever.

There's a bunch of upgrades to our more creative shot modes, too:

  • Bullet Time: our signature Matrix-like slow-mo shot, now up to 5.7K120fps or 3K240fps.
  • 8K TimeShift: a mind-bending hyperlapse in sensational 8K resolution.
  • 11K Timelapse: watch time fly and capture the magic in between moments.

Smart, AI-powered editing.

The Insta360 editing suite remains a hub for you to whip up creations easier than ever.

With upgraded reframing options in the app, or the full editing experience on your computer with Insta360 Studio, there's options to create viral content all subscription-free.

Insta360 also just launched Insta360 Reframe, our very own plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro! Creators can reframe 360° files shot on X4 directly in Premiere Pro for a smoother, faster workflow.

Hit the Road

Insta360 X4 is out now! Grab yours over at the Insta360 Official Store, or other authorized platforms. X4 starts from US$499.99.

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WRITTEN BY @Elliot Maddox
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