Top 10 Insta360 Accessories - Be Ready for Every Epic Adventure

There's no better feeling than a quality, ready-for-action 360 cam straight out of the box. Maybe it's the pocket-sized powerhouse Insta360 X3 or the cinematic 6K RS 1-Inch 360. Whatever your adventures, Insta360 cameras are ready to capture shots that are impossible with regular cameras.

But when it comes to those really next-level shots, adding Insta360 accessories to your arsenal will push the boundaries of what you can film with your camera.

From crazy fake-drone shots to ensuring your camera can power through the action, look no further than this handy guide to the top 10 Insta360 accessories.

Memory and Power


Step your shots up a gear. Check out these creative accessories for unique perspectives, third-person views or stunning timelapses.

1. Invisible Selfie Stick

An essential for next-level shots. The Invisible Selfie Stick is the pièce de résistance for creative angles, aerial views and epic third-person shots. Thanks to clever engineering, it is auto-removed in 360 footage to give you unobstructed, impossible angles. It's available in three lengths — 70cm, 114cm, or the Extended Edition comes in at a whopping 3 meters.

All those mind-blowing videos and "Is this filmed with a drone?!" comments are down to this piece of kit. It's the perfect trick up the sleeve for shots like this.

Learn more about how it works here.

2. All-Purpose Tripod

Arm feeling tired? Set down your Insta360 cam with the All-Purpose Tripod for stunning timelapses, self-timed photos or a fresh perspective in your shots.

It's seriously stable, lightweight and even has extendable legs for any and all scenarios. It's the perfect accessory to compliment your cam.

Check out the 2-in-1 Invisible Selfie Stick + Tripod for two birds, one stone.


Insta360 cameras are called 'action cameras' for a reason. They're tough, rugged and up for the challenge. But for peace of mind on a bumpier-than-imagined trail or in case of an accidental drop, it's best to give your cam a little extra defense. Here's the top protective Insta360 accessories, so you can really focus on the action.

3. Lens Cap

Filming on the go? Protect your lenses from dirt or scratches with the Lens Cap. They are custom designed to each camera to fit snugly over your camera lenses. Lightweight, durable silicone means extra, all-round protection.

Insta360 accessories - Lens Cap

Available for X3, X2, RS 1-Inch 360 and ONE RS/ONE R 360 Lens.

4. Sticky Lens Guards

Protect your lenses with the Sticky Lens Guards. They stick directly on your cam with a secure fit for added protection.

Insta360 accessories - X3 Sticky Lens Guards

Available for X3, X2 and ONE RS/ONE R 360 Lens. Screw-on Lens Guards are available for GO 2.

Do not use the Sticky Lens Guards in or around water.

5. Screen protector (X3 only)

Lenses protected ✅ How about that massive 2.29" touch screen?

Try the robust tempered glass X3 Screen Protector for edge-to-edge protection. With over 90% light transmission, your screen stays crystal clear and touch-sensitive. The custom-curved design is the perfect fit for your X3 giving you flawless coverage.

Insta360 accessories - X3 Screen Protector

You won't even notice it's there. Until you drop your X3 that is.

Memory and Power

Insta360 accessories to make sure you never miss out on the action.

6. Power Accessories

Keep the action going for longer with the Power Accessories*. Choose a spare battery to stay charged and keep creating. Or, try the Fast Charge Hub to charge multiple batteries, 2x as fast.

Insta360 Power Accessories - X3

Available for X3, ONE RS, X2, ONE R, Pro 2 and Titan.

*Power Accessories vary between cameras.

7. Memory Card

Picture this - you're strapped to a parachute, about to jump out and capture some sick views, then realize your camera's storage is full. Uh-oh.

Don't be left in a spot. Pick up a Memory Card and always have space to capture the action. Choose between a 64GB and 128GB microSD card that is guaranteed to be compatible with our cams.

Compatible with X3, ONE RS, X2, ONE X, Sphere and ONE R.


Pick a sport, any sport. We've got mounts for them all!

Racing, skating, skiing or diving. Two wheels, four wheels or no wheels. Winter, spring, summer, fall. You get the idea. Action sports wouldn't be complete without Insta360 mounts to go with your camera — whatever it is you do.

8. Motorcycle Mount Bundle

Burning rubber? Check out the Insta360 Motorcycle Bundle to film your wildest rides. With a wide selection of mounts, you'll never be stuck for fresh perspectives.

The bundle is perfect for dirt tracks, road trips or track days. It includes the Heavy Duty Clamp Mount to counter even the most intense shakes and keeps the shooting angle locked, plus two Flexible Adhesive Mounts for even more epic views. For drone-like perspectives, there's the option to add the Action Invisible Selfie Stick.

Compatible with X3, ONE RS, X2, GO 3, ONE R, ONE X and ONE.

For epic motorcycle mount ideas, check out this article.

9. Chest Strap

Pick up the Chest Strap for hands-free first-person POV shots. The shots are great for showing off tricky, technical trails or slopes. It has an adjustable non-slip design perfect for action. It even has a rotatable mounting base allowing you to quickly switch between horizontal and vertical shooting.

Compatible with X3, ONE RS (1-Inch 360 excluded), X2, GO 2 (with the Action Mount Adapter) and ONE R.

10. Monkey Tail Mount

For even more ways to play, the Monkey Tail Mount can bend and wrap however you want. The non-slip outer layer unlocks seriously creative possibilities. Make it a selfie stick, tripod, twist it or bend it. The only limit? Your mind!

Use it to join in with #Insta360dogmode for some seriously cute angles.

Compatible with X3, ONE RS (1-Inch 360 excluded), X2, GO 2 (with the Magnetic Screw Mount Adapter), ONE R and ONE X.

Get creative with your mounting! There's a whole world of possibility waiting to be discovered. Ever thought about mounting your cam to an eagle?

With Insta360 accessories, it's easy to get the shots you've seen and wondered "how did they film that?"

Grab yours today and get creating!

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