The Best Camera for TikTok: Go 360 for Insane Viral Content

If you're on TikTok and you're looking to take your content creation to the next level, or you're hunting for a potential viral video idea, boy do we have some suggestions for you.

Trying to find the best camera for TikTok can seem daunting at first. You might be tired of trying to use your iPhone to do everything, or maybe you've got an old camera lying around that isn't up to the task...

We get it. And we've got some ideas to share. Specifically 360.

And if you aren't convinced that a 360 camera might be your answer to some serious next-level short-form content, we'll also share our latest tiny camera to unlock some viral potential. So grab a coffee, and let your ideas run wild. #RealLifeGTA, for example:

@insta360_official Lykan it? We are lovin’ it 🔥 📸 @oliverjameswebb w/ #insta360 X3 #RealLifeGTA #behindthescenes #supercar #racing #fyp #carsoftiktok #videography ♬ original sound - insta360_official

360: Pure Viral Content

In case you hadn't noticed, we're big fans of viral content (check our socials, cough cough). The majority of our camera lineup is built around the possibilities that a 360 camera can give you.

With 5.7K video quality, X3 is our leading, do-it-all action camera. It's a take-anywhere 360 camera that brings some insane features to the table that make creating mind-bending videos super simple.

Take our Invisible Selfie Stick feature for example. The camera automatically edits out the stick, giving you seamless third-person views.

It doesn't stop there though. You can even get real drone-like results, like this! #NoDroneNoProblem, baby.

@insta360_official We keep telling you... you don’t need a drone! 😆 📸 @partimetravelers w/ #Insta360 X3 #nodronenoproblem #videography #behindthescenes #traveltok #fyp ♬ original sound - insta360_official

Did we mention you can do all of the above on your mobile phone? No PC needed? Wow. We aren't kidding.

Easy Sharing and Simple Reframing

You can pick your jaw up off the floor, now - let's talk about how easy it is to get that 360 content ready for socials.

All footage you capture on your Insta360 camera can be easily imported to our app on mobile (Android or iOS!), and from there, you'll have access to a suite of tools to get your content ready for debut.

Our simple reframing technology allows you to keyframe the best moments of your 360 shots, capturing just the best parts of the action into a sleek video

Or go wild with fancy tricks like our ever-popular Tiny Planet shot:


♬ original sound - insta360_official

You'll get filters, music, and even effects in our Shot Lab. Truly everything you need!

A wealth of creative possibilities is waiting for you. Simply shoot first, then reframe later to uncover unexpected and exciting moments that can take your TikTok content to new heights.

Not Convinced? Go Tiny

While the Insta360 X3 excels in 360-degree content, we get that it might not be for everyone. We recently released our latest tiny camera, Insta360 GO 3.

Not a 360 camera, the GO 3 is a tiny powerhouse that weighs just 35g. Its compact size makes it perfect for capturing point-of-view (POV) shots, whether you want to film from your pet's perspective or immerse your viewers in a first-person experience. Use that Magnet Pendant to get immersive POV's, or the magnetic mounts to film something even more creative:

@insta360_official The wildest Slip 'n Slide 🛝 5 days until launch! Get ready for unique first-person POVs with our next cam 🙌 Click the link in the bio for a sneak peek 👀 📸 @onihoironi #Insta360 #TheTinyRevolution ♬ original sound - insta360_official

Once you're ready with your clip, use our smart FreeFrame mode to output in 9:16, perfect for TikTok. If you want to share across other platforms too, simply adjust the aspect ratio using FreeFrame, and you'll have a clip ready for any platform!

You'll get access to all of the same benefits with the Insta360 app, so you'll still easily be able to export your content for any platform! Nice.

And if you're still struggling for ideas, get your dog involved and you've got a guaranteed hit:

@insta360_official Take your dog’s vlogs to the next level 🐾 📸 @heykeeg w/ #insta360 GO 3 #Insta360DogMode #behindthescenes #tinymightyactioncam #dogsoftiktok #fyp ♬ original sound - insta360_official

Wrapping Up

When it comes to creating captivating TikTok content, we stand by our Insta360 X3, truly our ultimate camera for the job.

Its unbeatable quality, ruggedness, easy sharing capabilities, and mind-blowing all make it a game-changer for content creators.

But if you're feeling like tiny might be more your thing, Insta360 GO 3 presents some truly unique shots that no other action camera can handle.

So unleash your imagination, capture shots that no other one can, and captivate your audience like never before! We'll be waiting...

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WRITTEN BY @Elliot Maddox
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