The AI Camera That Will Change the Way You Capture: Insta360 Ace Pro

AI cameras like Insta360 Ace Pro are transforming how we capture and create, with once unimaginable features unlocking more potential for creators. Insta360 Ace Pro's powerful AI-enhancing technology can automatically optimize footage, enhance image quality in any light, and streamline the process from shoot to share. Here's how the unbeatable AI cam is revolutionizing action capture.

AI Highlights Assistant

Get an innovative auto-editing experience that starts from within your camera. Turn it on, and the assistant automatically analyzes your video and then shows you the highlights! You can merge them into one epic recap or choose the ones you like, and then delete any unwanted clips immediately to save storage. Connect to the Insta360 app, and like magic, you'll have an edited, ready-to-share highlight reel waiting for you.

AI Cam Insta360 Ace Pro feature AI Highlights Assistant


Powering Ace Pro is a ground-breaking 5nm AI Chip. The chip has a computational capacity of 11 TOPS and provides a complex, custom-trained AI neural network that runs PureVideo. PureVideo reduces noise, enhances brightness, and improves dynamic range, meaning Ace Pro delivers unparalleled image quality in low light compared to others on the market. Shoot footage at night without losing sharpness and even capture crisp images of the night sky.

AI Cam Insta360 Ace Pro feature PureVideo for low light

Gesture Control

Control your AI cam from a distance! Ace Pro's AI detects certain gestures and the subject's head to trigger a response. Hold up your palm to start/stop recording, or give the peace sign to take a photo with a 3-second countdown. It's an easier way to film when you're in a group or noisy setting, and for anyone filming action sports, it still works when you have gloves and a helmet on!

AI Cam Insta360 Ace Pro feature AI-powered gesture control

AI Editing

For both beginner and advanced editors, you can ditch the monitor and edit your videos in a flash. The Insta360 app's AI-powered editing sifts through all of your footage to find the highlights and stitches them together into a ready-to-share video, all with a few taps.

Auto Edit: AI finds the highlights and edits them together to the beat of the music.

FlashCut: Tell a story with your clips with creative templates.

Shot Lab: Add magic to your videos with instant viral effects. Tap to import your clips and let AI do the rest! There are two incredible AI effects for Ace Pro in Shot Lab:

AI Warp

This generative AI feature is an absolute game-changer for creators. Type any word to add a dynamic twist to your videos in Shot Lab. Apply it to the whole clip or specific parts, and let your imagination run wild!

AI Cam Insta360 Ace Pro feature AI Warp

AI Selfie Stick Eraser

Insta360 fan favorite effect is still possible with this AI cam! The incredible AI algorithm magically removes the Invisible Selfie Stick from the final shot, all in the Insta360 app. Get insane fake-drone and third-person shots without using a 360 camera.

AI Cam Insta360 Ace Pro feature AI Selfie Stick Eraser

Why Insta360 Ace Pro is the smartest AI cam

Insta360 Ace Pro packs impressive AI technology to help creators shoot, share, and edit life's moments easier than ever. With a dedicated R&D team focusing on developing innovative AI technology and software, Insta360 is reshaping the action camera and the future of AI-enhanced image capture.

Ace Pro makes your videos into scrapbook-style memories, finding the most important moments and enhancing them to be more vivid and life-like, breathing new life into image capture. This is the new generation of AI cameras, and Insta360 has a front-row seat.

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WRITTEN BY @Laura Nellis
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