Sky Swap – The Trippy Shot Lab Feature That Makes Dull Skies Dazzle

Ever swam with tropical fish in Times Square? Ever been UFO spotting on the Eiffel Tower? Ever dodged incoming comets on Mount Kilimanjaro? With Sky Swap in Insta360 Shot Lab, you can! 

Sky Swap is an awesome new effect in Insta360 Shot Lab that lets you turn ordinary 360 videos into spectacular, and sometimes unbelievable, shots! From famous locations to your own backyard, any sky can be dramatically changed thanks to AI algorithms in the Insta360 app. 

From painting the sky into a starry masterpiece to starting an outdoor disco, there are loads of amazing possibilities, whether it’s groovy disco vibes…

...or incoming alien invasions!

How to shoot Sky Swap Videos

You can create a Sky Swap video with footage from your Insta360 ONE RS (1-Inch 360 Edition and 5.7K 360 Lens), ONE R (5.7K 360 Lens) and ONE X2. Apart from that, all you need is your smartphone. 

Choose Sky Swap in the “Stories” section of the Insta360 app and select the clip that you want to add a Sky Swap effect to. Make sure you use a clip that has a significant amount of sky in it, otherwise there won’t be anything to swap!

Let AI work its magic to establish where the sky is in your shot, then choose which effect you’d like to add, from trippy disco to dramatic storm clouds and more.

When it comes to framing your shot, you’ve got two options:

Surround - this will pan around doing a 360 degree spin of your shot and showing the sky from all angles. 

Custom - this lets you choose your own framing and decide what you want to focus on.

All that’s left to do is export your clip and there you have it! Don’t forget to share your shots on social media with #Insta360SkySwap to see the skies other users have created.

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WRITTEN BY @Cameron Atkinson
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