Capture Festival Season with Insta360 - New Perspectives for Live Music

It's that time again. Summer is here, and festival season is in full swing—from Glastonbury to Coachella, Burning Man to Lollapalooza, there are plenty of opportunities this summer to watch your favorite artists on the big stage and celebrate with your mates.

Whether you're on stage or in the crowd, Insta360 cameras offer tons of creative ways to capture the full experience as easily as possible.

Insta360 X4 and X3: Immersive 360º Experiences

The brand-new 8K Insta360 X4 and 5.7K Insta360 X3 are 360º cameras that seamlessly capture everything around you. For all live music fans, this means you get every single angle of the action as it unfolds. Tired of pointing your phone at the lead singer while the guitarist delivers the solo of a lifetime? That's a thing of the past—you'll never have to worry about missing a single moment.

When you're home and dry (and fully recovered), you can reframe your shots to choose which angle you want to upload to social media using the free Insta360 app or Studio desktop software. You might even spot something you didn't see at the time because you were looking the other way—X4 and X3 let you relive the experience and rewatch it with a whole new perspective! Plus, with X4's 8K resolution, everything looks incredibly crisp, exactly how you remember it.

Want to film your day at the festival? Want to show off the different stages? Try a dynamic hyperlapse to see everything in fast forward. Just attach your camera to the Invisible Selfie Stick, walk around and edit your footage in the free software!

Don't worry, it's not as complicated as it looks. Check out this easy-to-follow tutorial on creating simple hyperlapses.

Even artists themselves are creating new creative shots for their socials with X4 and X3, like this trippy video from rapper Central Cee:

Still not convinced? Check out international DJ and legend Skrillex, who's fully embraced 360° cameras for the sickest angles:

It's not just unique shots. X3 and X4 are also super durable and can withstand even the muddiest weather (Burning Man 2023, anyone?). Both are IPX8 waterproof up to 33ft (10m) straight out of the box, so you don't have to worry if it lands in a puddle or if rain surprises you in the middle of a set. Plus, with the removable lens guards, you don't have to worry about scratching your lenses. We really have thought of everything!

Insta360 GO 3S: Live in the Moment, Capture Every Concert

Tired of carrying around a bulky camera? Tired of missing out because you're always the one filming? We get it, you've paid to be at a festival and want to actually be at the festival while still capturing memories. Well, guess what? We thought of that, too! Check out Insta360 GO 3S, our super tiny 4K camera. The camera has a strong magnetic design and a range of handy accessories in the box, so you have everything you need to start right away!

Ultra-compact and portable at only 39 grams, you can easily snap it to your t-shirt or cap and capture the festival spirit from a unique first-person perspective, all while staying hands-free! You don't even need to operate the camera with Interval Mode. You decide how often and how long it should record, and the camera does the rest. At the end of the day, you'll have a collection of recordings throughout your day while you spend time with friends watching your favorite artists and soaking up the sun (hopefully), and Auto Editing automatically finds the highlights and edits everything together!

If you're wondering whether a featherlight cam might get lost easily, the magnet can handle a mosh pit without issues. If you do accidentally leave it in the beer tent or campsite, finding it again is a breeze with its Apple Find My integration!

Artists can also capture awesome POVs by mounting GO 3S in some seriously creative places. How about attaching it to your guitar with the Pivot Stand? Or wearing the Easy Clip on your cap while playing drums? With more freedom from a tiny cam, mount GO 3S in places bigger action cameras couldn't handle with the crowd going wild in the background. Whatever you think of, GO 3S can film it!

Insta360 GO 3S mounted on a guitar.

Must-Haves for Festival Season

So there you have it. Whether you have a day ticket or a backstage pass, Insta360 X4, X3 and GO 3S are the best festival cameras this summer.

Pick up yours today and transform your next festival into a lasting memory. Remember to tag us at @insta360 on Instagram—we always love content from our community. Even Ed Sheeran is getting involved with Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360!

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WRITTEN BY @Laura Nellis
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