Insta360 X4 vs Insta360 X3: What's Fresh?

As we usher in a new era of 360° cams with Insta360 X4, you might be wondering what exactly is new with the latest addition to the X series.

Fair enough, too! Insta360 X3 has been hugely popular since its launch in September 2022 (selling over 1 million units) and remains an excellent choice, so it's worth pointing out what's new or improved with X4.

At Insta360, we're big believers in pushing the boundaries of what's possible, giving each new release truly standout features. No token upgrades here! With that in mind, let's dive into the nitty gritty and see what exactly is new with X4 vs X3, and why it might be time to consider upgrading.

A Complete Comparison

Insta360 X4Insta360 X3
Max. 360° Video Resolution8K30fps & 5.7K60fps5.7K30fps
Max. 360° Slow Motion Resolution4K100fps3K100fps
Max. Wide Angle Resolution/Frame Rate4K60fps4K30fps
5nm AI Chip×
Bitrate200 Mbps120 Mbps
Me Mode4K30fps, 2.7K120fps1080p60fps
Run Time (5.7K30fps, Lab Environment)135 min = 67% longer81 min
Touchscreen2.5" Touchscreen made with high-strength Corning® Gorilla® Glass2.29" Touchscreen made with Tempered Glass
RuggednessRemovable Lens Guards in two editions: Standard and PremiumSticky Lens Guards (non-removable)
Bullet Time5.7K120fps, 3K240fps4K@120fps, 3K@180fps
Battery Size2290mAh1800mAh

See that new AI Chip?

There's a big reason why X4 can sport better image quality, power management, and enhanced performance across the board. It's thanks to the newly added 5nm AI chip, powering up X4 to new heights.

The introduction of the 5nm AI chip in the Insta360 X4 marks a significant advancement in action camera technology. This chip isn't just smaller; it's markedly more efficient, boasting a 140% increase in computing performance. This massive boost means the X4 can handle more data simultaneously, crucial for supporting the camera's high resolutions and frame rates.

When combined with X4's dual sensor, there's an increase in pixel count fourfold. This enhancement allows for full pixel sampling at a stunning 11K resolution, which the chip then uses to supersample and encode true 8K panoramic video. The result? Sharper, more detailed images that bring your adventures to life like never before.

The 8K era starts here.

X4 is kicking things up a notch with its 8K30fps 360° video capabilities. That's a hefty step up from X3's 5.7K, giving you crisper, more detailed footage that's a total game-changer, especially when you're diving into post-production. Reframing your shots without losing that sweet, sweet quality? Absolutely.

And if you’re all about that slow-mo, X4 has got you covered with even smoother options. 5.7K is now at 60fps, with 4K at a whopping 100fps, making every action-packed moment look like a masterpiece.

Better protection than ever.

We worked long and hard to offer better protection for X4 that doesn't compromise the quality of your footage. We're introducing Removable Lens Guards, coming in two distinct editions, Standard (included in the box) or Premium (highly durable tempered glass, available to purchase separately).

Handles the slopes with ease!

Unlike X3's fixed Sticky Lens Guards, these can easily screw on and off, so you can keep your camera safe, no matter the wild rides you're on. You'll also find options in the UI that can automatically identify if you're using lens guards for your shot or not.

There’s more good news, too: X4 comes with a beefier 2.5" touchscreen, toughened up with Corning® Gorilla® Glass. The screen feels more resilient and user-friendly than X3’s 2.29" panel. Whether you’re tweaking settings on the go or reviewing your shots, this screen keeps up!

Better usability.

There are some seriously cool new features on X4, inspired by the most popular additions we introduced with Insta360 Ace Pro. Here’s what’s new over X3:

Gesture Control: Wave hello to easier control! Literally. Hold your hand up to start or stop recording, or a peace sign to snap a photo. Perfect for when you’re all geared up and don’t want to fiddle with buttons.

Cancel Recording: Ever start recording and instantly know you messed up? We’ve got you. Just hold the Shutter Button to cancel and delete the last take. It’s like a magic undo button for your camera!

Timed Capture: Set your X4 to wake up, take a shot, and go back to sleep. This little gem is perfect for capturing shots like sunrises or timelapses while you catch some extra zzz's or keep moving on your adventure.

A motorcyclist's best friend.

Are we riding? There are some killer updates on X4 that'll make your two-wheeled shot miles better:

Bluetooth Headset Support: Native support has been added for top motorcycle Bluetooth headsets like Cardo, Sena, Asmax, Airide, and Lexinmoto. That’s right, we’ve gone beyond just AirPods (which, yes, we still support)! Now, you can manage your shots without missing a beat.

Auto Dash Mode: Turn your bike on, and X4 powers up and starts recording automatically. Capture every bit of the action right from the get-go. This works perfectly with Loop Recording, allowing X4 to be your very own dashcam, saving card space and time scrolling through lengthy footage.

It's the perfect companion for those on two wheels!

Ready to roll?

X4 is a considerable leap forward in the 360° camera market, with 8K native support, higher frame rates, AI-powered features, and greater durability.

Truly a new standard for what creators can expect from an action camera, working seamlessly as a pocket 360° action cam or a traditional action cam via Single-lens Mode. Whether you’re upgrading from X3 or new to the Insta360 family, X4 offers compelling reasons to dive in and experience the latest from us.

Insta360 X4 is out now, available from the Insta360 Official Store and authorized retailers.

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