Insta360 X4: Is It Time to Upgrade from Your ONE X or ONE X2?

ONE X and ONE X2 were revolutionary for their time. When they dropped, they opened the door to immersive 360° videos on the go, allowing creators of all levels to try new shot ideas and concepts.

But as with all tech, things move fast – and Insta360 X4 pushes the boundaries even further. If you're still rocking one of the older models, here's a look at the incredible upgrades you're missing, and why now might be the perfect time to make the jump.

The Spec Showdown

Here's a quick side-by-side comparison to see just how far X4 has come:

Insta360 X4Insta360 X2Insta360 ONE X
Image Quality360° Max Video Resolution / Frame rate8K30fps / 5.7K60fps ⬆️5.7K30fps / 4K60fps5.7K30fps / 4K50fps
360° Max Slow Motion4K100fps ⬆️3K100fps3K100fps
360° Photo Max. Resolution72MP ⬆️ (With in-cam AI noise reduction)18MP18MP
Single-Lens Mode Max. Resolution/Frame Rate4K60fps ⬆️1440p50fps-
360° Active HDR--
HardwareSensor Size1/2" ⬆️1/2.3"1/2.3"
Screen Size2.5" ⬆️1"0.5"
Battery Capacity2290mAh ⬆️1630mAh1200mAh
Run Time135 minutes - 5.7K@30fps ⬆️80 minutes - 5.7K@30fps60 minutes - 5.7K@30fps
Removable Lens Guards--
FeaturesGesture Control--
Voice Control✅ Voice Control 2.0--
Me Mode--
Loop Recording--

The 8K revolution means detail.

8K 360° video isn't just a fancy number, it's a game-changer. The extra resolution in X4 means capturing everything around you in mind-blowing detail, so much so that you still end up with close to 4K resolution in your reframed footage.

Say you're going back over footage on your phone or via our desktop software, Studio. See something that sticks out? You'll even be able to zoom in and maintain a decent level of clarity.

Smoother than ever.

X4 lets you capture smoother footage with higher frame rates across the board. Perfect for when you want to really slow things down and capture the climax, X4 handles it, with 5.7K60fps (double the output!), or 4K100fps.

Built to last.

X4 is designed to keep up with your wildest adventures, and one of the newly added features to help with that is the Removable Lens Guards. There's a standard version included free with any Insta360 X4 purchase. Just slide it into place and bam, solid protection against bumps or drops. For those who want image quality above all, check out our Premium Lens Guards option, made of tempered glass for even greater protection.

Shaun White poses with Insta360 X4
It's built perfect for powder season. Just ask Shaun White!

The massive, new 2.5" touchscreen on X4 is worlds apart compared to the small circlular window on ONE X2 or ONE X, making it significantly easier to shoot and adjust settings on the fly. It's even made of Corning Gorilla Glass too for better durability.

Two cameras in one? Check out Single-lens Mode.

Want the versatility of a traditional action cam along with your 360° superpowers? X4 has you covered! Single-lens Mode has double the frames and a much higher quality at 4K60fps.

This is perfect for POV shots, vlogging, or any time you don't want the full 360 view. This is leaps and bounds ahead of the 1440p limit on ONE X2, and a great choice if you regularly find yourself doing mountain biking, cycling, and more!

Backed by the latest in AI.

Let's talk about that 5nm AI chip! A new addition to X4, the chip works to not only optimize image processing, but actively manage and provide better battery life. Shoot for up to 135 minutes on a single charge – that's way more than what you get with ONE X or ONE X2!

Accessible and usable.

It's not just all specs. We've had years now to listen and refine what makes our X series so great, with the latest additions to usability being Gesture Control and enhanced Voice Control. These are perfect if you have your X4 mounted somewhere you can't quite reach!

Want to start or stop video or even take a picture? With Gesture Control, simply hold your hand up to start video, or do a peace sign to snap a photo. Super easy, and it even works with gloves (we're looking at you, snowboarders and motorcycle riders!).

All of this means less fiddling and more shooting, allowing you to focus on the action knowing your X4 has it covered!

Ready to See the Difference?

So there you have it! Truly big steps being made in the world of 360° action.

If you're still using a ONE X or ONE X2, we think now is a fantastic time to make the jump and upgrade. You can even explore our trade-in options to get a great discount, too!

Insta360 X4 is available via our Official Store here, or via authorized retailers.

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WRITTEN BY @Elliot Maddox
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