Insta360 X4: Capture Snow Season Like Never Before

Hitting the slopes this season? Insta360 X4 should be your weapon of choice.

Our latest, greatest 360° camera takes your ski footage into a whole new dimension... an 8K dimension!

X4 is compact, rugged, and waterproof to 33ft without needing a case – perfect for snowy conditions. Plus, with new removable lens guards and a powerful AI chip, you get enhanced protection, better image quality, and longer battery life, to capture those epic runs from start to finish.

Let's dive into everything that makes X4 the new must-have camera for winter!

Why Insta360 X4?

Shaun White poses with Insta360 X4.
The camera of choice for Shaun White, three-time Olympic gold medalist.

Powder season gets an 8K boost. Alongside our highest ever 360° image quality, X4 also sports higher frame rates, meaning you can slow down footage without losing crucial clarity. Try 5.7K60fps, 4K100fps, and even higher frame rates in one of our signature shots, Bullet Time!

Shoot first, frame later!

We've said it a thousand times, but if you've never used a 360° camera before, it doesn't make sense until you actually try it.

When you're rolling with X4, you don't need to worry about timing, setting up a shot, or anything like that! Just simply hit record and shred your line - it catches everything around you!

To get the best result, we always recommend shooting with our signature Invisible Selfie Stick. The stick completely disappears in your footage, leaving you with those awesome drone-style third-person shots.

A snowboarder uses Insta360 X4 to capture a 360 shot.
Shoot freely and watch it back with no selfie stick at all!

Nail your lines, pull off a sick trick, and do it all without needing a friend or a complicated setup. (This comes included in the X4 Ski Bundle!)

Once you're done, you can effortlessly review your footage in camera, or better yet, head over to the app on your smartphone! You can reframe and edit your footage to your heart's content. All in stunning 8K 360° with X4!

Conquer the cold.

Don't let the powder stop you from capturing incredible footage, X4 thrives in the snow! It's built to operate in temperatures as low as -20°C (-4°F!). We're talking this cold:

The new Removable Lens Guards add extra protection from ice and snow (we recommend the Premium Lens Guards, sold separately), and that powerful AI chip boosts both image quality and battery life with up to 135 minutes of recording time on a single charge, allowing you to waste less crucial time while you're up on the mountain!

Easy control on the move.

Forget fumbling with buttons while wearing your gloves! X4's upgraded Voice and Gesture Control feature let you start recording, snap photos, and more. Just say the word, or hold your hand up and X4 starts recording, even when attached to a selfie stick!

You can also try holding up a peace sign to snap a quick photo, perfect as you're about to start the next run!

Get creative with mounts.

X4 works seamlessly with our awesome accessories for next-level ski footage:

Check out the Chest Strap to capture a dynamic POV perspective as you carve those turns.

Or try out the underrated Unicorn Helmet Mount. A unique, 360° over-the-head shot, perfect for jumps and showing off the amazing scenery.

Capture like a traditional action cam.

Often overlooked, X4 makes a great action cam in our Single-Lens Mode. Shooting in up to 4K60fps, when paired with our new 170° MegaView mode, you'll capture true, POV speed as you fly down the mountain:

Got an Apple Watch or Garmin? You can even pair these with X4 and get awesome stats and data overlayed into your footage, right from the Insta360 app. This includes GPS data, elevation, speed, and more - check out this blog for more on that!

Gear Up with the X4 Ski Bundle

Want everything you need to capture incredible ski moments? The X4 Ski Bundle gets you started with:

A shot of Insta360's X4 Snow Bundle
  • Insta360 X4 (for that sweet 8K footage)
  • Standard Lens Guards (extra protection for your camera)
  • Action Invisible Selfie Stick (an essential, trust us!)
  • Ski Pole Mount (hands-free 360 shots while you shred)
  • Lens Cap (keep that lens safe when not filming)

Shred and share!

Surely that's enough to convince you that this camera is a game changer for the slopes. We're waiting to get out there just writing about this thing!

Insta360 X4 is available now in both standalone and Ski Bundle forms from the Insta360 Official Store and authorized retailers.

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WRITTEN BY @Elliot Maddox
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