Insta360 X4's New 5nm AI Chip - More Pixels, More Detail, More Power

The 360º action cam Insta360 X4 blasted onto the scene and has been making waves ever since with its unbelievable 8K image quality. But there's one thing you guys have been dying to know: "Is the 8K real or upscaled?". We think it's time we set the record straight: it's real! How? This thing right here.

Meet X4's next-gen processor, the 5nm AI Chip. It's the reason behind X4's unbeatable 8K video, higher frame rates, smart AI features and overall image processing improvements. It's basically a large part of why X4 is so damn good!

More Pixels

By using the most powerful chip in the market, Insta360 X4 unlocks the full power of the sensor and lenses, improving performance and delivering that sharp 8K 360º capture.

How? The 5nm AI Chip delivers four times more pixels from X4's dual sensors by supersampling from 11K to 8K with a higher pixel density. With more pixels packed in, the processor squeezes more out of the sensors for life-like clarity, faster exposure, less noise, better dynamic range and genuine 8K30fps video.

With a 140% increase in computing power, the chip calculates a whopping 400% more data to support 8K videos, 11K timelapses, higher frame rates (like 5.7K at 60fps rather than 30fps), image processing improvements and increased run time and speed. Damn.

Insta360 X4 5.7K60fps
5.7K60fps slow motion.

More Detail

With this new processor, the bitrate has increased by 67% from 120Mbps on X3 to 200Mbps, significantly improving the overall image quality, and giving you more detailed images and more accurate colors.

X4 also has H.265 encoding available, meaning your reframed 8K 360º videos have a much smaller file size (say "Thank you, compression") and maintain around a 4K resolution to easily blend into footage from other cameras. That means interesting, creative angles only possible with a 360º camera with no significant drop in quality!

Insta360 X4 8K video
Reframed 8K videos on Insta360 X4.

More Efficient

You'd think all that processing power means the camera runs slower, wouldn't you? This chip is top-shelf stuff and actually does quite the opposite. It makes the camera more efficient while consuming less power. The battery capacity is 27% larger than X3's, but the processor runs so smoothly it actually gives a massive 67% longer run time at 5.7K30fps. That's 135 minutes, baby.

More Features

So it makes videos smoother, frame rates higher, the battery longer and...the camera smarter? You better believe it. That little chip is the reason for some big features. We're talking AI-powered Gesture Control for greater control (even if you have gloves and a helmet on), in-camera AI noise reduction for detailed 72MP PureShot photos, and AI Highlights Assistant for the easiest. editing. ever.

Is there anything this chip can't do?! Well, it can't do your laundry, but in terms of making Insta360 X4 the smoothest, sharpest, cleverest, 8K-est action camera there is, it does a solid job. Pick up Insta360 X4 today and capture every second in breathtaking 8K quality. All hail the 5nm AI Chip!

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WRITTEN BY @Laura Nellis
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