Shot Lab: The AI Tool That Edits Epic Clips For You in Minutes

Create wacky videos with clones of yourself. Shoot stunning starry sky timelapses. Make hyperlapses that look like they were shot on an FPV drone. 

These videos sound like they would take a lot of skill and time to edit, right? Wrong. You can do all that and more with Shot Lab, the AI video editing tool in the Insta360 app. Or rather, the AI can do it for you.

Shot Lab makes creative edits easy. At your fingertips is a continuously updated range of smart templates based on the latest and greatest camera techniques. All you need to do is shoot a video with one of Insta360’s 360 action cameras, say ONE R or ONE X2, then tap a few places in the app to insert your video into a template. That’s it! The AI does the rest. 

Want to see how it works? Here are the top 10 AI video editing effects in Shot Lab.


Pixelize is a new mind-bending effect that makes your limbs look like pixelated spaghetti! Technically, it’s achieved by dividing the image into multiple parts and then using the previous frames to fill in the image. All you have to do is set up your camera on a tripod and move around it, maybe showing off some of your dance moves.

Pixelize Shot Lab

Split Jump

Split Jump edits together multiple shots of you jumping in different locations, making it look like you’re floating in air or taking a giant leap across the world. All you have to do is shoot in slow motion (3K/100fps) and split-jump in different spots with the selfie stick out to your side. 

Split Jump Shot Lab

Clone Trail

Everyone’s favorite Shot Lab template is undoubtedly Clone Trail. This effect clones your body, creating multiple versions of yourself in the same video.

This cloning technique used to take hours in professional editing software. Now with Shot Lab, all you have to do is put the camera on a tripod, move around it and then import the footage into the app. The app then uses subject-tracking technology to identify your body and clone it. 

Shadow Clone

Similar to Clone Trail, the Shadow Clone template also clones your body to create multiple versions of yourself in a video. But while with Clone Trail, the duplicated clones are static and unmoving, your clones can move independently of each other with Shadow Clone. It’s the ultimate way to multi-task. 

Auto TimeShift

Shot Lab can also spice up your hyperlapses. The great thing about using a 360 camera is you can reframe your hyperlapse in different directions to highlight certain landmarks or objects. But looking through your footage to find the highlights can be tedious. The Auto TimeShift template uses AI subject recognition to find the highlights, reframe it and add dynamic speed ramping for you. 

Fly Lapse

Another hyperlapse effect is Fly Lapse. Using similar AI editing technology as the TimeShift template, the Fly Lapse template adds barrel rolls and faster speed ramping to mimic the flight of an FPV drone. 

All you have to do is simply walk in a straight line with the selfie stick. No need to move it in different directions—all the reframing edits are done in the app by the AI. 

Dolly Zoom

The Dolly Zoom is a classic optical illusion popularized by Alfred Hitchcock in the movie Vertigo. As the camera moves closer to a subject, the field of view zooms out, or vice versa. In this way, the background appears to get bigger while the subject gets smaller and vice versa. 

Traditionally, the camera is moved on a dolly, or a wheeled cart, while the camera operator simultaneously zooms in on the subject. But with Shot Lab, all you have to do is move backwards with the selfie stick. The app will track the subject in the foreground, while digitally zooming in on the background.

Stop Motion

Another cinematic effect that Shot Lab makes easy is stop motion. You just have to take a walk with the selfie stick out to your side, then the template uses subject tracking to detect your moves and make you moonwalk. There’s even different options—you can choose to keep your feet static or have them move forward or backwards. 

Stop Motion Mix

Stop Motion Mix takes the stop motion effect one step farther. No longer limited to one location, you can shoot clips in multiple different spots. The template will then take clips from all of these videos and make it look like you’re moonwalking across different scenes. 


Ever seen those “star trail” timelapse videos where the stars look like they’re streaking across the sky? With the Starlapse template, anyone can shoot them.

Just use the camera’s preset mode for starlapses, which sets an automatically-calibrated long exposure for you, and then shoot for several hours in an area with low light pollution. When you’re done, just put it in the app and it will add the star trails for you!

And more...

The best part is that Shot Lab is continuously updated with new AI video editing effects to keep your edits fresh. Shot Lab started with just seven templates a year ago and now hosts over 20 and counting.

Has your camera been sitting on a shelf for a while? Dust it off and discover some new things to do with it. Don’t have one yet? Head to our website to learn more.

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