How to Use ONE R as a Wide Angle Webcam and Why!

How many remote meetings have you attended in the last year? How many Zoom chats have you had with friends, family or colleagues? For many of us, this has been a big part of 2020, and looks likely to be a big part of our lives going forward.

The good news is that you can make all these chats better and easier using Insta360 ONE R! Not just an action camera, this versatile piece of tech doubles as a sophisticated, easy-to-use wide angle webcam. In this post we will explain how to use ONE R as a wide angle webcam and the benefits of doing so.

So, it’s easy to use?

Yes! Whether you work from home or just want to catch up with family and friends, using ONE R as a webcam couldn’t be easier. Essentially, it’s a plug-and-go system with just three basic steps:

  1. Connect ONE R with the 4K or 360 Mod to your Mac or Windows computer via USB cable
  2. Select Webcam mode on the ONE R
  3. Open your video conferencing platform and select ONE R as the camera

That’s it, DONE! The cool thing is that unlike many other webcam options, there is no need to download any additional webcam software or programs. ONE R is a zero-hassle option that also comes with plenty of other benefits.

OK. But why not just use the camera on my laptop/PC?

Good question. Here are four main reasons:

1) Improved image quality

With webcam footage shot on Insta360 ONE R you will get an output resolution of 1080p (1920×1080). For reference, on your average laptop, such as a MacBook Air or Pro, the built-in camera outputs 720p (1280x720). While these are both classified as HD, ONE R with its 1080p has more than double the number of pixels, resulting in greater detail and image precision.

2) Wide-angle field of view

Another benefit of ONE R is that as a wide angle webcam, it offers a wider field of view than your laptop camera. That means if you’ve got your whole family in the room, you can make sure they’re all in frame without squeezing in next to the computer.

3) Auto-zoom (4K Mod only)

Another cool feature, this clever algorithm automatically detects who is in the shot, and adjusts the image to fit them perfectly in frame. If someone leaves the room, the camera re-adjusts to focus on whoever is remaining. And... if you move around the room, the camera will follow you to keep you in shot. Smart or what?

Auto zoom gif shows the webcam focused on two people, then one leaves and the camera refocuses just on the remaining person

4) Doubles as a 360 webcam (360 Mod only)

An extra bonus is that you can also use ONE R as a 360 webcam. For group meetings just swap out the 4K mod for the 360 mod and place ONE R in the middle of the table. The camera will output a split screen of everyone on both sides of the table.

360 webcam gif showing the two sides of a table in a meeting room on a horizontal split screen- three in the top half, three in the bottom half

Nice. And can I use ONE R with any video conferencing platform?

Yep. ONE R is compatible with all the most widely used video conferencing software, including Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and more.

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WRITTEN BY @Calum Smith
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