Insta360 ONE R: Killer Features and How to Use Them

Insta360 ONE R is packed with features. Whether you build your ONE R with the Dual-Lens 360 Mod, 4K Wide-Angle or 1-Inch Mod, there are tons of all-new creative possibilities. In this blog, we'll touch on some of the top features you can try and how to use them.

Interchangeable Lenses.

At first glance, Insta360 ONE R looks familiar. A tough, waterproof action cam. However, a closer look reveals what makes ONE R special. It's the world's first interchangeable lens action camera. You've got, 360, 4K Wide-Angle, and a 5.3K lens co-engineered with Leica to deliver the best image quality ever in an action cam. All in a single device.

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Reframe in any direction.

When your ONE R is built with the 360 mod, a whole world of cinematic shots is at your fingertips. You can reframe in any direction once you're done shooting, all in the companion app. The result? Pans, tilts and angles that'd be impossible without a professional FPV drone pilot.

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Here's how easy that reframe was to shoot. No drone, no $1000 cinematic setup. Just a dude in his swimming shorts and a ONE R with the extended selfie stick.

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Vlog like a pro.

Insta360 ONE R not only works as a creative powerhouse in 360, it's also a great vlogging camera. A reversible screen, compact build and voice control makes vlogging a breeze.

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Whether you opt for the 4K Mod or 1-Inch Mod for your vlog shots, you'll get stunning visuals and external mic support with our dedicated $10 Mic adapter.

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If you want to mount your mic directly atop your ONE R, you can pick up a mounting bracket with a built in cold shoe for your mic. Check it out here.

Shot Lab: Auto edited wild shots.

Shot Lab is as it sounds. A little lab right in your app where you can find wild shots to experiment with. The best bit? They're all edited totally automatically using the ONE R's AI algorithm. Here's a dedicated Insta360 TV episode to show off some of the techniques you can try in Shot Lab.

Keep your target locked.

Tracking in 360 is a game-changer. Your subject can go anywhere around you and the software will track them. ONE R takes this up a notch with Deep Track. 360 Tracking that can pick up a subject even if they go behind an obstacle.

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Auto Frame: AI image recognition meets 360.

This one will blow your mind. Insta360 ONE R can suggest framed content for you. Just tap Auto Frame and ONE R will analyze your 360 content, frame it for you, and then give you suggested cuts to share. It'll recognize things like landmarks, people and dogs.

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Made for sharing.

Once you've got your killer edit together, there's nothing worse than sharing a 9:16 on YouTube and getting berated in the comments for shooting in vertical. ONE R fixes this by letting you choose your aspect ratio after the fact. Just pick what's right for the platform you're sharing on.

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Control time.

Whether it's super slow-mo, a hyperlapse or a combination of the two, ONE R can handle it. Tastefully play with time throughout your edit for that cinematic feel. The app makes it simple by just tapping the speed setting, and applying it to your timeline with a drag.

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Make colors pop.

Not the kind of person that has the time to color grade each part of your video? No worries, you can toggle on (or off) ColorPlus. A color profile that makes colors pop.

Insta360 ONE R tips

Bend light with Starlapse.

With Starlapse mode, you can shoot for hours on end to capture the flow of time in the middle of the night. If you used the 360 mod, reframe your shot and you've got a mind-bending timelapse. For this shot, just plug in a powerbank so you can keep shooting for hours, select Starlapse in the settings and get shooting.

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The highest image quality ever in an action cam.

The 1-Inch Mod was co-engineered with Leica, has the best image quality ever in an action camera (5.3K), and shoots in low light like no other camera of its size.

With a 1-inch sensor, this Mod delivers unbelievable dynamic range and vivid colors.

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Just build your ONE R with the 1-Inch Mod and start vlogging cinematic scenes, even at night.

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Pick an edition that's right for you.

Insta360 ONE R comes in a bunch of configurations so you can pick exactly what you need. Want the best image quality? Pick up the 1-Inch Edition. Just need the 360 and the 4K? Go for the Twin Edition and you'll have all you need to get shooting. Here's where you can learn more about each.

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