Insta360 GO 3S vs Insta360 GO 3 - Should You Upgrade?

Insta360 has just launched the next generation of the tiny, mighty GO camera series, Insta360 GO 3S. Its older brother, GO 3, has been wildly popular since its release, letting users capture hands-free POVs and unique angles. So, is it really worth the upgrade? Well, GO 3S takes all that tiny goodness and packs in some new and improved features (4K!) to make the answer undeniably "Yes."

At Insta360, we only believe in releasing products we're absolutely certain our users are going to love, with truly standout features that make the upgrade 100% worth it. For those of you who want specs, head to the end for a full side-by-side comparison, but we recommend you read through to see all the juicy new features that make GO 3S the tiniest, mightiest 4K cam.

Still tiny, still mighty, now with stunning 4K.

4K is here, and it's never been this small! GO 3S is powered by an enhanced processor with a 50% increase in CPU processing power and a new wide-angle lens. So, while the camera is still featherlight (only 39g—we're talking as light as a lightbulb), it's capable of shooting hands-free videos in stunning 4K30fps. That's nearly double the amount of pixels compared to GO 3's 2.7K, so you'll capture every moment in sharp, clear, lifelike detail.

insta360 go 3s being used to take a selfie with a river and buildings in the background

4K isn't the only new kid on the block that puts GO 3S's image quality head and shoulders above GO 3:

  • New MegaView FOV: Gives your images a more realistic look with less distortion and straighter, cleaner edges. Keep everything looking picture-perfect and exactly as you saw it.
  • Dolby Vision-Ready: Greater dynamic range, enhanced details, more realistic colors and better contrast thanks to this new HDR technology.
  • Improved Low Light: Better colors and improved saturation in low light, opening up even more shooting possibilities.
  • Slow Motion Upgrades: Slow down the highlights and make it ultra smooth with up to 200fps at 1080p or 100fps at 2.7K.

Smarter features, smoother shooting, easier editing.

It's not just the image quality that has a huge upgrade. GO 3S has made it easier to capture incredible hands-free POVs and unique angles with these new features:

Interval Video + Auto Editing

Capture a whole day's fun without ever touching your camera! With Interval Video, GO 3S shoots videos at pre-determined intervals while you stay focused on the now. Set how often to shoot and the length of each clip, and GO 3S automatically powers on to record at set times, then powers off to save battery. Finished for the day? Auto Editing finds the highlights and edits them together to music for a fully automated experience. Simple.

Compatible With Apple Find My

Misplaced your camera? Put it somewhere too safe? Don't sweat it. If you're an iOS user, you can easily track it down using the Apple Find My network, so you don't need to worry about losing your awesome footage (or camera!).

Easy Switch

It's never been easier to change aspect ratio. Just twist GO 3S to quickly change from horizontal to vertical aspect ratio in seconds. You'll never miss a shot because you're busy changing settings.

insta360 go 3s tiny thumb-sized camera

AI Gesture Control

Stay in control with a simple gesture. Gesture Control is perfect for group selfies, if the camera is mounted just out of reach, or if you want to avoid attracting attention using voice control.

✋ Palm up to take a video
✌️ Peace sign to take a photo

Cancel Recording

Messed up a line? Long press the Shutter Button on the Action Pod to instantly cancel and delete the current recording and start again. This helps to keep your storage in check and only leaves the best shots to go through—double win!

Kids Mode

This new mode is perfect when your kid is wearing GO 3S. It stops their little fingers from making accidental presses, silences prompt sounds and dims the indicator lights. See their world without distractions.

insta360 go 3s mounted on a child's chest with the magnet pendant as they play on the swings

Done filming for the day? No surprises here, it's also now easier to make creative edits with GO 3S. Damn, when we said "upgrade", we really meant it!

Quick File Transfer

With a simple tap on the Action Pod's touchscreen, your footage is sent directly from the camera right to your phone. Super easy, super fast.

Instant App Preview (iOS only)

You'll get a notification sent straight to your phone as soon as you've shot something new, ready to open and edit with a tap.

More rugged.

GO 3 took the creative world by storm with its thumb-sized body and unique form factor. The main surprise with this cam is how rugged it was.

GO 3S sports the same tiny size, magnetic mounting system and all-in-one housing with the Action Pod for remote control, live preview and a 2.2" flip touchscreen for perfectly framed shots. But it takes its ruggedness one step further. The GO 3S camera is now waterproof all the way to 33ft (10m), compared to 16ft (5m) with GO 3.

insta360 go 3s a tiny underwater camera

The Action Pod is still IPX4 splashproof only when the camera is installed in it, but there's a Dive Case when you want to take both beneath the waves.

Beach vacations, family pool days and rainy trails are no match for GO 3S!

Upgraded accessories.

With GO 3S and its handy in-the-box accessories, the creative possibilities are truly endless. Wear it to shoot first-person POVs completely hands-free, or mount it anywhere for effortless creative angles and fresh perspectives that are impossible with bigger, bulkier cameras. We're talking your pet's collar, your kids' hat, in your shopping cart or even in a golf course hole. If you can think it, you can mount it.

For GO 3 users, these are the same accessories you know and love. But we've made some serious improvements to take them up a notch:

Magnet Pendant

Wear it under your clothes and snap on your cam for easy first-person views. It's perfect for kids to wear! The new Magnet Pendant has an inner layer insulation design with improved heat dissipation for a more comfortable experience.

insta360 go 3s mounted on a guy's chest with the magnet pendant while he rides on a jet ski

Easy Clip

Clip on your cap or your pet's collar for awesome angles and fresh perspectives. Here, we've improved the magnetic strength and even made it compatible to attach to the Magnet Pendant for fully customized angles.

insta360 go 3s mounted on a guy's headband in the pivot stand while he plays basketball

Pivot Stand

Stick it anywhere and capture unique angles. It's reusable, too! It now works on slightly curved surfaces, with an attachment to keep the cover and base together so they don't get lost.

Lens Guard

Twist and go! Removable lens guard with a new curved surface and added grooves for easy installation and removal.

Quick Reader (sold separately)

The new multi-purpose Quick Reader allows you to rapidly back up your footage to a microSD card while charging the camera at the same time. This frees up camera memory and boosts the battery, so you can carry on shooting! It also enables direct editing on your phone without downloading the files.

insta360 go 3s connected to the quick reader and plugged into a phone

Whether you're traveling, hitting the trails or hanging with your kids, GO 3S offers a way to capture your life and stay in the moment.

Let's talk specs.

Max. Resolution4K2.7K
Max. Frame Rate1080p@200fps1080p@120fps
Max. Video Bitrate120Mbps80Mbps
MegaView FOV-
Interval Video-
Apple Find My Compatible-
Easy Switch-
Gesture Control-
FlowState Stabilization
WaterproofGO 3S: 33ft (10m)
Action Pod: IPX4 splashproof
GO 3: 16ft (5m)
Action Pod: IPX4 splashproof
WeightGO 3S: 39.1g (1.38oz)
Action Pod: 96.3g (3.40oz)
GO 3: 35.5g (1.25oz)
Action Pod: 96.3g (3.40oz)
Price64GB: US$399.99
128GB: US$429.99
32GB: US$379.99
64GB: US$399.99
128GB: US$429.99

Available now.

Convinced? Thought so. Insta360 GO 3S is available to purchase from Insta360's official website or platforms such as Amazon and select authorized retailers, starting at US$399.99 with handy in-the-box accessories.

For GO 3 users looking to upgrade, GO 3S is compatible with the GO 3 Action Pod, and there's the option to purchase GO 3S as a standalone camera (no Action Pod or accessories) starting from just US$239.99!

Two storage options, 64GB and 128GB, are available in Arctic White or Midnight Black.

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