Insta360 GO 3 vs GO 2: What’s New?

The long-awaited Insta360 GO 3 is here! It’s still tiny but boy is it mightier! Two years after GO 2’s launch, GO 3 has arrived with a host of awesome upgrades and new features, including a brand-new Action Pod with flip screen, longer battery life, new video modes, and loads more!

To kick things off, let's do the spec check:

Insta360 GO 3Insta360 GO 2
Max. Resolution2.7K1440p
Touchscreen2.2” Flip TouchscreenNo
Run Time (1080p@30fps)GO 3: 45 mins
GO 3 + Action Pod: 170 mins
GO 2: 30 mins
GO 2 + Charge Case: 150 mins
Battery CapacityGO 3: 310mAh
Action Pod: 1270mAh
GO 2: 210mAh
Charge Case: 1100mAh
Remote PreviewAction Pod Preview and WiFi Preview with PhoneWiFi Preview with Phone
Max. Clip LengthNo limits – record as long as you wantPro Video: 10 mins
Video: 15 mins
FPV Mode: 30 mins
Voice ControlYes - Voice Control 2.0No
No. of Microphones21
Quick Menu ButtonYesNo
WaterproofingGO 3: 5m (16ft)
Action Pod: IPX4 water resistant
GO 2: 4m (13ft)
Charge Case: No
Video ModesVideo
Slow Motion
NEW Pre-recording
NEW Loop Recording
NEW Timed Capture
Pro Video
Slow Motion
Storage32GB, 64GB, 128GB32GB, 64GB
WeightGO 3: 35.5g
Action Pod: 96.3g
GO 2: 26.5g
Charge Case: 63.5g

The Action Pod

The Action Pod replaces the old GO 2 Charge Case and it is transformed! The camera fits securely in the pod with magnetic mounting and a secure latch system, making it suitable for use even in action scenarios.

There’s an awesome 2.2” flip touchscreen with live preview and a silky smooth interface to control the camera remotely. That’s right, even if they are not connected, you can see what GO 3 sees and control the shoot with the Action Pod. For comparison, GO 2 had no built-in live preview and no touchscreen. Now you can save your phone's battery life when you need to preview your shot!

Insta360 GO 3 with remote preview on the Action Pod

This new setup transforms GO 3 into a conventional action camera whenever you want, with the option to flip the touchscreen to make it a selfie machine or flawless vlogging camera.

As for charging, the Action Pod does that too! When GO 3 is running low, pop it in for a charge. The Action Pod’s magnetic mounting system is identical to the GO 3 camera itself, so you can also keep shooting while the Action Pod powers the camera. This enables quick switching of your setup from just the camera, to camera in pod, or between different accessories. Coming in at 132g and 63cm (2.5in) wide with the camera in the Pod, it's still a great lightweight and portable option for when you need more power.

Insta360 GO 3 with Action Pod and flip touchscreen, with identical mounting between the pod and camera for seamless shooting.

While the Action Pod no longer encases the camera like the clamshell-style GO 2 Charge Case, the screen meets industry anti-wear standards, so you can still slip it into your pocket without a worry. GO 3 also comes pre-installed with a replaceable Lens Guard to keep it protected. Optional accessories like a screen protector, carry case, and carry bag are also available.

Shoot Better, Shoot Longer

When life gives you adventures, you power through! GO 3 has a 50% longer battery life—shoot for up to 45 minutes compared to 30 minutes with GO 2. And go for up to 170 minutes with the new Action Pod, compared to 150 minutes with GO 2 and the Charge Case.

Insta360 GO 3 has 45 minute battery life outside the Action Pod and 170 minutes in the Action Pod

We’ve also given the newest edition of the tiny mighty action cam an image quality boost. GO 3 shoots in 2.7K, an upgrade from the previous 1440p with GO 2. But resolution is just one factor that influences overall image quality. We've also made several optimizations on the software side to make your videos pop, including improved exposure, white balance, colors, and contrast. A new face priority mode is also available, as well as adjustable sharpness.

Insta360 GO 3 shooting with 2.7K resolution including scenes of a dancer on a street and a pair of kayakers on the water.

In addition, GO 3 has several new shooting modes, including Pre-recording, Loop Recording, and Timed Capture. This offers even more creative shooting options to try and enjoy.

GO 2's fan-favorite Pro video mode is back with a new name, "FreeFrame Mode", enabling you to shoot videos that can be uploaded in both 9:16 and 16:9 with minimal cropping. Upload the same clip to any social media platform!


GO 3 now has greatly improved heat dissipation, meaning less overheating and no more limitations on max video length!

Other important hardware upgrades include an extra mic for improved audio and Voice Control 2.0 to operate GO 3 from a distance. Use the new Quick Menu button for faster shooting with easy access to presets.

Insta360 GO 3 camera controls

The Action Pod is also now splash-proof (IPX4 water-resistant) for use in any weather, while the camera itself has improved waterproofing from 4m (13ft) to 5m (16ft).


Just like its predecessor, GO 3 comes with several useful accessories included in the basic package, and even these have had an upgrade!

The Pivot Stand has a new look, complete with a built-in 1/4" mount. Meanwhile, the Magnet Pendant cord has a new retractable design and an Angle Adjustment Insert to achieve the optimal angle. The Easy Clip maintains a similar design with GO 2 for easy attachment to a hat or even a cat collar.

Many new optional accessories are also available including:

  • Quick Release Mount: Designed for action sports and compatible with both the camera and the Pod, this mount has built-in 1/4" and 2-prong mounting points for use with a host of accessories
  • Magnet Pendant Safety Cord: Attach this safety cord for extra peace of mind while shooting on the go
  • Dive Case: Unlike GO 2's case, the new Dive Case fits the Action Pod for extended shooting underwater down to 60m (197ft)
  • Fetch Stick: Let your dog have fun with GO 3 too with this selfie stick especially designed for dogs
GO 3 used with its accessories as a vlog camera.

GO 3 is slightly larger than GO 2, due to the larger battery and other internal design optimizations, which means the two cameras' accessories are not cross-compatible. However, you can use 1/4" and 2-prong mounts interchangeably between the two cameras.

Insta360 GO 3 vs. GO 2: The Conclusion?

GO 3 solves some of the major downsides of GO 2's design with improved run time, no clip length limitations, and remote preview and control. At the same time, it maintains the small and lightweight design that GO 2 users know and love.

The GO 3 provides more flexibility for memory too, with an added 128GB option to get more from your shoots. The 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB models are priced at US$379.99, US$399.99, and US$429.99 respectively.

And just like GO 2, Custom Skins are available for GO 3 so you can make your camera one of a kind!

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