Insta360 GO 3 Pro Tips for the Most Epic Shots

Insta360 GO 3 is revolutionizing the possibilities of what action cameras can film. At just 35g, it's small enough to be mounted just about anywhere for the most creative and unique shots. It has leading image stabilization and creative shooting effects, plus the brand-new Action Pod makes it even more flexible with remote control and live preview.

It's the perfect action camera for beginners, vloggers, and sports enthusiasts. Here are the best GO 3 settings and pro tips to make the most of your tiny mighty action cam!

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Firmware and Camera Setup
Best Settings
Shooting Tips
Mounting and Accessories
Export Settings

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Firmware and Camera Setup

Some pro tips before you start, update your camera firmware and app to the latest version! Both are updated frequently to improve your experience with new features and fixes. You can download updates from the Insta360 official website at any point.

Keep your commonly used settings and modes with the Quick Menu to save time on the go. Go to the QuickCapture Menu > Customize Buttons on the Action Pod or through the app. Once set, press the Quick Button on the Action Pod or the GO 3 Button on the camera to access your favorite settings in a flash.

If sunrise is that hour too early, try out Timed Capture. Set the time, date and shooting mode/settings, then just set up your shot. GO 3 will automatically turn on and start filming, so you don't need to wake up to shoot fantastic footage.

Lastly, remove all stickers and wipe that lens! Now, let's get into pro tips for the best settings.

Best Settings

We recommend shooting in Video Mode, 2.7K 30fps for the best quality videos. You can change the settings by swiping up on the Action Pod's touchscreen and change shooting parameters by swiping left. There are three levels of FlowState Stabilization to choose from depending on the scenario to keep your footage silky smooth.

GO 3 demonstration of FlowState Stabilization

For more control in the edit or for filming action sports, try out FreeFrame Video Mode (renamed from GO 2's Pro Video Mode), 1440p 50fps. This mode provides world-class FlowState Stabilization plus 360 Horizon Lock. It also has the option to adjust the Field of View (FOV) and aspect ratio in post without cropping your video further, such as with regular action cameras.

Changing the aspect ratio in post with FreeFrame video.

FreeFrame videos must first be processed in the Insta360 app or Studio to apply FlowState Stabilization.

For regular videos, you must choose the FOV before filming. Here's a quick rundown based on what you're filming:

  • UltraWide: Widest field of view, but has the most distortion around the edges (selfies, vlogs)
  • ActionView: Optimized specifically for action POV shots, with a taller height to better show your body in the shot and give a feeling of speed (biking, driving, sports)
  • Linear: Has a slightly narrower field of view for natural-looking shots without distortion (traveling, everyday POVs)

Finally, set the color profile to Vivid (on by default) and the sharpness to medium for the best results straight out of the camera.

Shooting Tips

GO 3 is the perfect action camera for every situation without bulky gear. The all-new Action Pod is the perfect companion for everyday vlogs to cinematic shots. It takes GO 3's battery life from 45 to 170 minutes and transforms GO 3 into a more traditional style action camera with a flip touchscreen.

There's also the option to take out GO 3 and use the Action Pod for remote control and live preview. If you are using them separately, it is recommended to do so in a 16ft (5m) range in an open environment to avoid Bluetooth interference. To take the camera out of the Action Pod, press the Release Switch on the side of the Action Pod and take GO 3 out by gripping the lens.

Here are some pro shooting tips for every scenario:


Shoot with GO 3 in the Action Pod for perfectly framed selfies, flawless vlogging or handheld shooting. The Action Pod's flip touchscreen is perfect for seeing your shot as it's happening.

For different and more creative angles, try the Mini 2-in-1 Tripod. It's a vlogger's dream as a tripod and selfie stick in one, plus it's small and compact, making it perfect for on-the-go shooting. To use it with GO 3, use the 1/4" adapter and attach the Pivot Stand. Both the Pivot Stand and the 2-in-1 Tripod are perfect for vlogging but are not designed for high-intensity sports. Read on for the best action accessories!

Using GO 3 with the Mini 2-in-1 Tripod for vlogging


For precious moments with your pet, take GO 3 solo and use the Fetch Stick or other creative mounts for an awesome paw-perspective. You can use the Action Pod to control and preview the footage remotely. Remember to use #Insta360DogMode when you upload your video to social media!

Water Sports

Take GO 3 out of the Action Pod and make a splash! The camera is waterproof to 16ft (5m), but remember to install the Lens Guards before you take it swimming! Dry the camera before placing it back in the Action Pod.

Pro Tips for GO 3: Using GO 3 with Dive Case underwater for diving.

The Action Pod is IPX4 splashproof only when GO 3 is in it. If you want to take the Action Pod underwater, use the GO 3 Dive Case and explore up to 96ft (60m).

Tip: After every use in seawater, soak the camera in fresh water for 15 minutes, gently rinse it, and then dry it thoroughly.

Action Sports

This is where the 'mighty' comes in! GO 3 is perfect for action enthusiasts who want to avoid a camera blocking their view and getting in the way. You can mount the cam in some awesome places for next-level shots, and FlowState stabilization and Horizon Lock keep footage looking smooth.

Try the Quick Release Mount for high-intensity sports. Snap-in or take out GO 3 or the Action Pod in seconds with a double-locked system made for action. It also has a 1/4" mount and a 2-prong mount for use with other accessories. When installing, make sure to press tightly to buckle the locks.

Tip: Select Wind Reduction audio mode for cycling, motorcycling, or mountain biking.


Nighttime photoshoot? Turn on Low-light Stabilization to reduce motion blur and improve stabilization in low light. Swipe left to view parameters, slide to the bottom, and tap the night scene icon. Go ahead and shoot a night timelapse!

GO 3 Low-Light Stabilization for night timelapses

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The Standalone Kit has three in-the-box magnetic accessories for even more creative perspectives — the Magnet Pendant, Easy Clip and Pivot Stand. Here are some pro tips on using these accessories:

Magnet Pendant

Familiar friend the Magnet Pendant includes a new angle adjustment insert to tilt the camera angle, plus a tangle-free retractable design. It's perfect for traveling, family playtime and cycling.

Pro Tips for GO 3: Using GO 3 with the Magnet Pendant.

Wear the Magnet Pendant and angle adjustment insert under your shirt with the camera on the outside. For high-intensity sports, use the Magnet Pendant Safety Cord. This easily attaches to the strap to stop GO 3 from getting lost if it does fall from the strong magnet.

Easy Clip

For natural first-person views, fasten the Easy Clip to just about anything you can think of, seriously. Hats, pet collars, headbands, and that's it! Easy, hands-free POV shots.

Man using GO 3 with Easy Clip to go hiking.

Pivot Stand

Use the Pivot Stand with either GO 3 or the Action Pod for unique angles in creative locations. It has a reusable sticky base, rotatable design, secure magnets and buckle locks, and a built-in 1/4'' mount for use with other accessories.

Using GO 3 with the Pivot Stand

Tip: Attach it to a flat and dry surface, press firmly for 10 seconds after sticking, and leave it for around 30 minutes before use. Clean and dry the sticky base after each use.


There's a host of ways to edit your GO 3 footage on the Insta360 app and Studio, so you can get your shot exactly how you want. FreeFrame lets you choose the aspect ratio after you film without losing the details.

Choose the aspect ratio based on where you will share your footage:

9:16 – full vertical video (Instagram Stories, TikTok)
16:9 – regular horizontal (YouTube)
1:1 – square (Instagram posts/Facebook)
4:5 – vertical (Instagram posts/Facebook)

If you're in a hurry or aren't quite sure about editing, the Insta360 app has AI-powered editing for binge-worthy clips in seconds. Open the app > Stories > Auto Edit. Then choose your clips, sit back and relax. Auto Edit finds the highlights and edits them on beat to music. Genius!

Pro tips: AI Editing with Auto Edit in the Insta360 app

Best Export Settings

Videos shot in regular Video Mode do not need to be exported in the Insta360 app/Studio before sharing unless you plan on editing them further.

When recording in FreeFrame, your camera will save two files named PRO_VID and PRO_LRV. The LRV file is a low-resolution file used for previewing in the app. When editing on a desktop, you can ignore the LRV file and import the VID file into Studio.

Once you're ready to export, select 1440p resolution (for FreeFrame Video) or 2.7K resolution (regular video). Export in ProRes and keep files in the highest bitrate in Studio to preserve all details and color.

There's generally no need to use Color Plus. If you mix clips from different files in Premier or Final Cut, use 3840x2160p (especially for YouTube, as 4K footage is better) and format it in 80Mbps and H.264.

If you’ve edited your footage in the Insta360 app, here’s a rough guide to the best settings for social media:

Instagram Post:
Resolution: 1080×1350
Bitrate: 13-15Mbps
Aspect ratio: 4:5

Instagram Story/Instagram Reel/TikTok:
Resolution: 1080×1920
Bitrate: 15-20Mbps
Aspect ratio: 9:16

Resolution: 4K
Bitrate: 65-80Mbps
Aspect ratio: 16:9

Resolution: 4K
Bitrate: 65-80Mbps
Aspect ratio: 1:1

That's it for your pro tips! Ready to shoot? Here's Amir Zakeri to get you inspired.

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