Shoot Incredible Snowboarding & Skiing Videos with Insta360 Ace Pro: The AI-Powered Ski Camera

Packed with innovative features, as well as all the action cam fundamentals, Insta360 Ace Pro is the ultimate tool for filming quality snowboarding and skiing videos. From a robust body to cutting-edge tech and advanced AI-powered features, here's why Ace Pro is your new, must-have ski camera.

1. Robust Design for Extreme Conditions

Waterproofing to 33ft makes Ace Pro pretty darn snowproof, and it powers through temperatures as low as -20°C. It's also built to handle all the hits you can throw at it, from a beginner's twentieth failed turn to a high-speed wipeout.

The magnetic mounting system also makes it super convenient to mount the camera in different positions with various accessories.

2. Versatile Filming with a Huge Flip Screen

The 2.4" flip touchscreen lets you film any angle with ease. Get your vlogging shots in, some low-angle shots to spice up your videos, or simply adapt to your surroundings on the fly.

A skier using Insta360 Ace Pro as a ski camera on the Multi Mount with some mountains in the background.

3. Exceptional Low Light Performance

Equipped with a 1/1.3" sensor, the Ace Pro excels in low light conditions, as it takes in more light to generate each image. What's more, it has PureVideo, a dedicated low light shooting mode that was developed via a custom-trained AI neural network.

Between the hardware and the software, Ace Pro is a beast for twilight or even nighttime snowboarding or skiing, for clear and bright footage on every run.

4. Smooth 4K120fps Slow-Motion

For action-packed snowboarding or skiing footage, dial in that 4K120fps slow-mo. You know the shots we're talking about. Your hand just brushes the ground taking a turn, snow spraying up in a glorious arc... it looks professional but is so easy with Ace Pro!

5. Intelligent Features for Effortless Filmmaking

Not just a ski camera, this is your filmmaking companion:

  • Clarity Zoom– get 2x zoom without any image quality loss. Think "flawlessly detailed scenic mountain range shot".
  • Pause and resume recordings within the same file– great for vloggers or just to keep your shots together.
  • Delete a recording– if you or a friend just can't land the trick, at least you don't have to go back and delete all the fails (though these may be more entertaining).
  • Gesture and Voice Control– operate the camera from afar or just to avoid taking off your gloves.

6. AI Enhancements

AI is key to Ace Pro's overall performance, but here are two standout uses:

AI Warp: This is wild. Type in any text prompt and Ace Pro uses generative AI to add your desired effect to any video you've shot. Turn a skier into a two-headed dragon. Turn snow into lava. See what your imagination is capable of!

AI Highlights Assistant: No need to sift through your footage. AI can detect the peak moments in a video and deliver the highlights to you in-camera!

Ace Pro is a true game-changer in the world of ski cameras. And there's even a dedicated Ace Pro Winter Kit for everything you need to get started. This includes: Ace Pro, 1650mAh Battery, Standard Mount, Flexible Adhesive Mount, Type-C to C Cable, 114cm Invisible Selfie Stick, Snow Bundle and 128GB microSD Card.

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WRITTEN BY @Calum Smith
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