Ace Pro: The Best Cycling Camera for POV Action of Your Ride

Whether you're touring through some of Europe's most beautiful roads (you've caught us dreaming of Tuscany or Mallorca...), or simply wanting to capture your local route in stunning detail from bike - the Insta360 Ace Pro is your go-to camera for cycling.

Ace Pro is our latest and greatest action camera to date, and we've added a whole heap of features that make this camera a smart addition to your arsenal of riding gear.

From simple additions like the ability to pause and cancel recording, to all-new AI-powered highlights and that Leica SUMMARIT lens for superior image quality, there's a lot to love here.

So hop on your bike and let's go into all the details that make Ace Pro a must-have!

Two cyclists pose with their Ace Pro camera.

Stunning details, even in low light.

Ace Pro sports a large, 1/1.3" sensor and Leica's SUMMARIT lens, which when coupled with its built-in 5nm AI chip, ensures enhanced performance right into the night. Its superior low-light performance means your night rides look seriously impressive, with minimal digital noise.

Unleash FlowState Stabilization.

Insta360's signature FlowState Stabilization and Horizon Lock remain, ensuring your footage stays smooth and stable, no matter the terrain. This leading image stabilization technology ensures that your footage comes back shake-free and looks great for your viewers.

4K120fps and the new Motion ND filter.

Everybody loves a slow-mo shot, especially of you and your friends riding! Ace Pro's 4K120fps slow motion captures every detail in stunning clarity. Perfect for creating breathtaking B-roll!

The all-new Motion ND filter, available in the Insta360 app, is another must-try. It adds a cinematic motion blur to your shot, looking especially good when filming a POV of you riding into the sunset!

a rider with Ace Pro, using the new Motion ND filter.
Add the Motion ND filter for a brand new effect for your rides.

Full support for Garmin and Apple Watches.

The Ace Pro shines with its ability to integrate Apple Watch or Garmin Watch statistics directly into your videos and overlay them onto your footage. This adds an informative layer to your videos which in some cases can add to the immersion of a good ride.

Use our GPS Preview Remote for even more control.

If you're on the hunt for an accessory that pairs well with Ace Pro, look no further than our GPS Preview Remote.

A cyclist mounting Ace Pro on their handlebars with Garmin remote pictured.
The Insta360 Ace Pro Cycling Kit comes with a Handlebar Mount and Chest Mount.

Our latest revision of the remote steps it up a notch, acting essentially as a smartwatch with the ability to completely control your Ace camera from a distance. You'll be able to live preview your camera if you have it mounted out of reach (think shots on the lower frame of your bike), and completely control it too!

Smarter starts here.

As we mentioned, there's a whole load of practical, functional improvements we've brought to the table with this camera.

Simple quality-of-life additions like pause recording, voice control, and gesture control, all work to make sure you capture the right action effectively and easily. Stopped at a red light, nothing much happening? Simply pause and resume with a tap, or even resume shooting from a previously saved clip in the album!

A cyclist using the included Chest Mount to mount their Ace Pro.

Mounted on a stick? Use voice or hold your hand up to start filming you and your friends as you ride! No interruptions here.

We haven't even mentioned our AI improvements! The new AI Highlights Assistant is a cyclist's best friend, automatically (or manually) sifting through your footage to find the best moments, saving you hours of editing.

Available Now.

For those hunting for their next action camera for cycling, we present Ace Pro as our go-to choice. We've even developed a dedicated Cycling Kit, including all the essentials for mounting and recording your rides.

The Cycling Kit includes a Bike Bundle (Chest Strap and Handlebar Mount) for different shot or angle choices, a Flexible Adhesive Mount (great for mounting on a helmet), as well as a 128GB SD card to get you filming right from unboxing.

Ace Pro is now available from our official store or Amazon. We'll have plenty more content to share over the coming weeks as we roll out our smartest camera to date across the globe. Stay tuned to our blog or socials for more!

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WRITTEN BY @Elliot Maddox
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