How to Film #Insta360NoseMode: Viral Video ‘Attack on Titan’ Effect

Now here’s a subject I never thought I’d write about. It’s time to put your camera in your mouth and try #Insta360NoseMode!

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The #Insta360NoseMode effect has been taking social media by storm in recent weeks, with viral videos like this popping up everywhere. 

For some of you, this might just look like a funny clip to share with friends. Others will take one look at the distorted faces and shout “ATTACK ON TITAN!”. For those not in the know (this writer included until recent research), this is because the effect creates a strong resemblance to certain characters in Attack on Titan, a popular Japanese anime.

Whether you’re a fan of the show, or just like having fun with your 360 cam, read on for our pro tips on how to achieve the effect. When you try it, don’t forget to share the footage with the hashtag #Insta360NoseMode on TikTok, Instagram, the Community section of the Insta360 app, or other social media platforms. If we love your shots, you could get featured on our social channels! Just ask our snowboarding Titan below!

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How to shoot #Insta360NoseMode: Recreating the Attack on Titan face

First off, you’re gonna need an Insta360 ONE X2. The effect is possible to achieve with ONE RS or ONE R with the 360 lens; however, ONE X2’s longer body makes it easier to hold in your mouth.

This brings us to the shooting technique. It may look like a simple “pop it in the mouth” job, but like all art forms, there’s far more to it (kinda). So, here are a few tips to get the best results: 

  • Shoot in 5.7K 360 AUTO. This should work fine but check the results after your first try and adjust if necessary.
  • Put ONE X2 in your mouth. The lenses must be positioned just outside your mouth, with one facing up and the other down. Keep your lips open while you gently hold the camera between your teeth. Try not to breathe too heavily through your nose as this can cause the lens to fog up.
  • Go! Move around in whatever way you want. Try and be funny or silly with your movements—it all adds to the final result. 
  • Film behind the scenes (BTS). People are always curious to see how you get the shot, so show ‘em! Insider tip: this is a big plus if you’d like to get featured on our social channels!
  • Remember, be safe. Watch where you’re going and don’t try anything too crazy! Yes, eternal glory does await the first person who lands an #Insta360NoseMode triple backflip… but it ain’t worth the risk.

How to edit #Insta360NoseMode

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When editing your clip in the Insta360 app, apply a wide FOV to fit your head, body and confused onlookers in the shot. Don’t go all the way to Tiny Planet, but adjust until you get a good fit.

Try a bit of reframing to show off your surroundings as well as your big ole’ nose. Not essential but can work well if you’re in a picturesque place.

Another option to try is to turn off FlowState Stabilization. This can create a cool effect where the head is steady and the rest of your body has a fun, wavy quality to it. As always, try it with your clip and see if it looks better with or without.

When it comes to exporting, don’t forget you can adjust the aspect ratio to match the social media platform you’re posting to. And remember to share on social media with the hashtag #Insta360NoseMode so we can check out your work! Who nose, maybe we’ll pick yours to share on our social channels!

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WRITTEN BY @Calum Smith
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