2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Photographers, Sports Lovers & More

Looking for the best gift for a photographer or sports lover in your life? This year, get inspired by your loved ones and get the perfect gift for their passions! 

We’ve got you covered with the ultimate gift guide to everything from the best action cameras to game-changing accessories!

Action Packed Camera Gifts

Cameras are the best gifts of all time. They can see down into the depths of the ocean and millions of miles into space. Furthermore, they capture moments of time and freeze them for later enjoyment. 

We pushed it further to allow cameras to see everything! With our 360 cameras, capture everything around you in 360°. Never miss an angle or a special moment ever again. 

Insta360 X3 72MP photo

Best Creative Camera Gift

There’s a reason why the Insta360 X3 is called “The 360 Action Cam”, it does it all and more! It’s an awesome gift for photographers or anyone who just wants to capture something cool. It even makes selfie sticks disappear in your videos, so you can shoot aerial views without a drone.

X3 can shoot 5.7K 360 video, 4K Single Lens video, 72MP stills, and 8K timelapses! Plus, there’s a host of unique AI editing options in the Insta360 app. X3 is also compatible with an amazing array of accessories that help change the way you shoot. The creative possibilities are endless.

Most Versatile Camera Gift

The ultimate all-rounder, Insta360 ONE RS is the next generation of the ONE R, an interchangeable lens action cam. Building off of ONE R’s legacy, ONE RS is the perfect gift for photographers who want it all. The Twin Edition includes both the 360 lens and 4K wide-angle lens. 

The ONE RS 360 lens is perfect for those who want action and 360 at the same time. Pick up the ONE RS 4K Edition if you are looking for a good place to start in capturing action sports.

Since the ONE RS is also backward compatible, if your loved one already has a ONE R Core, you could buy them the new ONE RS Core Bundle to upgrade their setup. 

If you’re looking for a gift for a photographer who really wants the best of the best, check out the ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Edition. Featuring dual 1-inch sensors and co-engineered with Leica, the ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Edition offers premium 6K 360 video capture.

Gifts for streamers and people who work from home

If sports or outdoor activities aren’t their thing, Insta360 Link might just be the diamond you’re looking for! Sitting on top of a 3-axis gimbal and equipped with premium 4K resolution, AI tracking and gesture controls, Link will revolutionize how you work! 

DeskView Mode is perfect for streamers to show off their mechanical skills or for artists to show off their artistic progress. Stun your audience with Whiteboard Recognition and easy-to-use gesture controls. Perfect for any meeting or presentation.

The Stocking Fillers: Camera Accessories Gifts

If they’ve already got an action camera that they love, check out our camera accessories. They make perfect stocking fillers and take shooting to the next level.

Gifts for adventurers or vloggers

Invisible Selfie Stick with Tripod

Fed up of seeing ugly selfie sticks ruining shots, we designed a selfie stick that disappears! Use a 360 camera like X3 or the ONE RS 360 Lens to take advantage of the stick’s “invisibility” feature. Simply upload the footage into the app and it disappears automatically. 

If you don’t have a 360 cam, fear not, it works well for traditional selfies with GO 2 or another action cam as well. Whether you’re streaming at home or out hiking, this accessory combines two accessories into one with a built-in tripod for convenience.

Bullet Time Cord

Remember Keanu Reeves dodging bullets in The Matrix? Shots like that used to need a special effects team and a Hollywood budget. Now a 360 camera and the Bullet Time Cord are all you need to create your own iconic slow-motion moments.

Floating Hand Grip

If water is your sport, we’ve got you covered! Never lose your camera to the deep depths. Once unthinkable, now unsinkable, the Floating Hand Grip will flow up to the surface on its own. Perfect for water sports or just taking a dive into the deep blue sea. 

Gifts for action sports lovers

Looking for gifts for sports lovers? Whether you’re looking for a gift for a snowboarder or cyclist, make sure they’re capturing the sport in all its glory.

Carbon Fiber Unicorn Mount

Camera accessories like the new carbon fiber Unicorn Mount are designed to take action shooting to the next level. Easy to mount on a helmet, just hit record for cool drone-like results.

Back Bar Bundle

Capture sick aerial shots with the Back Bar and the Invisible Selfie Stick as part of the Back Bar Bundle. Just strap it around the waist and ride as the camera shoots impossible low-altitude aerials.

Gifts for car lovers and motorcycle fans

Gearheads love accessories, and we’ve got the best ones for them! Help deck out their ride and capture epic new views. Showcase their beloved ride in views never thought possible before! 

Dash Cam Mount

We all know someone whose greatest love is their motor. Treat them to some car accessories and help them to show off their passion. Capture the rush of 0-60 or shoot your own carpool karaoke with the Dash Cam Mount.

Motorcycle U-Bolt Mount

Motorcycle helmet camera videos have been done a million times. That’s not to say they aren’t good, but you can encourage your loved one to shoot something epic with the Motorcycle U-Bolt Mount. The ultra-strong U-bolt mechanism keeps the camera in position as it shoots awesome drone-like aerial shots.

U-Bolt Mount for motorcycle
U-Bolt Mount on Motorcycle

Suction Cup Car Mount

Ever wondered how you could play GTA in real life? Stick this gadget on and all you need is a driver! The Suction Cup Car Mount delivers epic third-person views. Record GTA-like footage with unrestricted 360° views. Attach anywhere from the car’s bumper (highly recommended) to the front windshield and get wild views. 

Gifts for Pets!

Pet Mount

Don’t let your pet feel left out! Let them join in with the fun and capture the holidays through their eyes with the GO 2 Pet Mount! It’s the perfect gift for pets and pet lovers alike.

Want even more gift ideas?

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