The Most EPIC Creative Video Ideas for Your Action Camera

Grab your action camera and move away from crowded areas because we’re about to blow some minds. 

Check out this list of easy creative video ideas and try them out for yourselves. Each one is a surefire way to level up your shooting game. Try all of them and go straight to GOAT mode. 

All of these shots were captured on Insta360 GO 2. Get some video inspiration and see for yourselves how this tiny cam produces big results.

Ultimate creative video inspiration

1. The art of the camera mount 

Wear it, clip it, stick it—use your action camera with a mount and see the world from crazy angles. Tiny action cameras can fit in places other cameras can’t, like under a skateboard or on your hat. 

2. We have liftoff

Houston, we don’t have a problem with this epic shot! As far as creative video ideas go, this one is out-of-this-world! The 27 gram GO 2 is perfect for shooting aerial videos on a drone.

3. Getting trippy

Traveling is exciting, so make a travel video that’s exciting, too! This video inspiration is guaranteed to liven up your vacay vlogs and make each trip one to remember. 

4. Tasty cooking videos

Whip up some tasty shots and show off your culinary skills. These top tips for creative video ideas in the kitchen will have you a cut above the rest. 

5. Master of the smooth transition 

As the ultimate hands-free action cam, GO 2 is ideal for shooting the perfect smooth transition. Since teleportation clearly isn’t happening anytime soon, use this video inspiration to make the magic happen today!

6. Hyperlapse

When it comes to creative video ideas, this one will make time fly even on the slowest day. Even traffic jams look spectacular when they’re turbocharged in a hyperlapse video like this.

7. Car flyover

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a giant car incoming! Make your car videos stand out with this flyover shot.

8. Barrel roll

Creative video ideas aren’t just about location or props. Get on the edit and master this head-spinning creative shot without getting dizzy. Shoot first and then frame in the Insta360 app.

9. Go macro

Ready for that killer close-up? This easy video trick will make your shots look like the work of a David Attenborough film crew.

10. The birds eye view shot

Mount your GO 2 up high and get a birds eye view of the action.

11. Singing in the rain

Stuck inside on a rainy day with no video inspiration? Make the most of that super smooth 4x slow-mo. Hold your GO 2 under falling water and record in slow motion.

12. Photo transition

A picture paints a thousand words, so make that picture come to life!

13. Pet POV

Let’s face it, it’s a doggo’s world and we just live in it. GO 2 with the pet mount lets you see the world through their eyes.

So there we have it—more video inspiration than you could swing a cam at! Try your hand at some of these easy creative video ideas and check out the gnarly results!

Don’t have a GO 2 yet? Pick one up at the Insta360 store.

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WRITTEN BY @Cameron Atkinson
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