Shoot Unforgettable Family Videos With #Insta360FamCam

One of the biggest regrets as a parent is looking back and thinking, "Why didn't I record more videos when they were younger?". You want to relive the old family outings, beach trips and first days of school, but don't want to have your phone out to film them and miss out on the actual moment—a real catch-22.

What if we told you that you can live in the moment and record precious family videos at the same time? With a wearable cam like Insta360 GO 3, it's possible! Clip the lightweight camera onto your or your kid's clothes, tap record and go. The camera captures in-the-moment POV shots that leave your hands free, meaning more quality time with your kids and amazing #Insta360FamCam shots.

We'll let our favorite family vloggers explain how they use GO 3 for their infamous and frankly hilarious #Insta360FamCam videos. Over to you, Blackmans!

How to Make #Insta360FamCam Videos

GO 3 has two wearable accessories: the Easy Clip and the Magnet Pendant. The Easy Clip (Jette's favorite!) clips to your child's hat or headband and adjusts as needed. It sits nicely out of the way and gets a great shot from their perspective!

The Magnet Pendant is another handy accessory for immersive POVs. Put the pendant around their neck, place the magnet under their shirt, and pop on GO 3. Its strong magnetic body means it won't come off no matter what they get up to, and it leaves their hands free to do whatever they want. See how they interact with the world around them and get their honest opinions, for better or worse!

Insta360 GO 3 also comes with a Pivot Stand, which you can use to mount the camera on your child's stroller, bike, or favorite toy. The stand also has a 1/4" mounting point for attaching to a selfie stick or tripod. All three accessories come in the box when you purchase GO 3!

The World Through Their Eyes

Most of the time, parents are behind the camera and go unseen in family videos. But with a tiny camera like GO 3, your kids can become the director! It effortlessly captures shots from the wearer's perspective, giving an otherwise impossible-to-know look at how they see the world. Plus, it picks up those hilarious comments and moments you might have missed.

Remember when they used to hug their siblings instead of fighting? And how they always wanted to hold your hand? With #Insta360FamCam, there's proof of that now, so your kids can't just roll their eyes and pretend it didn't happen.

Some of the best moments may happen when you've just left the room. With a wearable cam like GO 3, you can get a unique insight into what they get up to, like playtime with the family pet.

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Memories For Life

With Insta360 GO 3, all those little moments are captured forever. Playtime, dinner time, trips to the zoo or pushing them on the swing, all recorded with free hands and no phone in sight.

Plus, at 35g and the size of a thumb, GO 3 is so tiny that it easily slips into your pocket or diaper bag to take wherever you go, ready to bring out, snap on and start shooting anytime.

So get out there, live in the moment and create unforgettable #Insta360FamCam videos. One day, you'll look back at them and be glad you caught those precious moments on camera!

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