Best Pet Action Camera - 8 Playtime Ideas With Your Insta360 GO 3, X3 and More!

The best thing about an Insta360 cam is how many filming possibilities it opens up. How about capturing a seriously different view from your pets' perspective? At just 35g, the tiny Insta360 GO 3 fits in places other action cameras simply can't, making it the perfect action camera for pets! It easily attaches to collars, toys, and harnesses for a unique view of your furry friends.

With Remote Control and Live Preview, you can attach GO 3 to your pet and preview the shot with the Action Pod to make sure it's how you want. Built-in FlowState Stabilization keeps your pets' movements looking silky smooth, so whether it's fetch or exploring the outdoors, GO 3 guarantees epic videos! Plus, it's rugged and waterproof, meaning it can handle a bit of slobber or a few drops. With its lightweight design, flexible mounting capabilities, and pet-friendly accessories, GO 3 is the best action camera for pets!

If you want to see your pet's view in 360, Insta360 action cameras like X3 and ONE RS are also perfect pet action cameras. Here are 8 awesome playtime ideas to try with your Insta360 camera!

1. Pet Collar Cam

Ever wondered what your pets get up to outdoors? Well, now you can find out! Use the GO 3 Easy Clip (included in the box) and attach it to your cat's or dog's collar for a simple POV shot. You get natural-looking footage of them interacting, exploring, or causing mischief. The magnet is strong enough to hold your camera no matter what they get up to, and the camera is so lightweight it's no stress or discomfort to your pet!

2. Playtime POV

For a seriously cute first-person shot, use the Magnet Pendant. Wear it under your shirt, attach the angle-adjustment insert, and snap on your GO 3. You can get a great perspective of how your pet looks during playtime!

@insta360_official Life is good when you’re Shaking Paws 🐾 #insta360dogmode 📸 @heykeegs with #Insta360 GO 3 #dogsoftiktok #behindthescenes #pov #wholesome #creative ♬ original sound - insta360_official

3. Spinning Around

"Spinning Pets" is a trend taking the internet by storm! You simply pick your pet up and spin them around to Taylor Swift's "August." The result is a sweet POV of a sometimes confused and often excited pet! Try this out with the Magnet Pendant.

4. Fetch

GO 3 has plenty of handy accessories to mount the tiny action camera anywhere. To make it the perfect pet action cam, it even has a Fetch Stick! This awesome accessory is ideal for getting a unique angle when playing fetch. GO 3 sits snugly at one end and captures an amazing pet selfie. It's made of BPA-free, non-toxic rubber used in pet toys to guarantee a comfortable experience. Just remember to train your pup to bring it back, and install the Lens Guard before throwing your camera!

And don't just get creative with your shots, get creative with your mounts, too! The best thing about a versatile camera like GO 3 is the ability to put it wherever you can think of. How about a game of frisbee with the best action camera for pets?

5. Insta360 Eats

Insta360 X3 shows how fun life can be 360, especially with your pet! X3 is perfect for a simple but effective shot of their (most likely) favorite time of day. Stand the camera in the middle of their bowl or attach it to the Invisible Selfie Stick and get a new perspective of dinner time!

@insta360_official Mealtime magic from a pup's-eye view to celebrate #InternationalDogDay 🐶 w/ #Insta360 X3 #Insta360DogMode#Insta360Eats#dog#dogsoftiktok#food #creative#fyp ♬ original sound - insta360_official

6. Dog Vlog

Who said dogs can't be influencers? The Monkey Tail Mount is perfect for walkies and gets an adorable view. The flexible mount bends into any shape you need and is super lightweight for your pet to carry around. Attach your X3 or your GO 3 with the Quick Release Mount for this shot.

Insta360 ONE RS is another excellent pet action cam for an epic dog vlog! Mount it up for a super cute dog's-eye-view of the city.

7. Invisible Selfie Stick

Try the Invisible Selfie Stick to get a third-person perspective of yourself and your pets. The selfie stick stays completely invisible in 360 footage, resulting in drone-like views that capture all the fun!

8. Tiny Planet

People say pets are too good for this why not give them their own planet? With a 360 camera like X3, you can edit your incredible footage with creative effects to take it to a new level. The fan-favorite effect, Tiny Planet, is a great way to transform your 360 images into a cool perspective.

To get this effect in the Insta360 app or Insta360 Studio:

  • Scroll through the video timeline and find a frame to add the effect to, or select your 360 photo;
  • Pinch the screen/scroll the mouse to zoom out until it becomes a spherical shape;
  • Add a keyframe with the 'plus' icon, and that's it!

For more reframing tips and creative effects, check out this article.

There you have it! Grab your Insta360 cam and get ready to capture your pets like never before. Remember to use #Insta360DogMode when you share your dog videos, and remember the treats!

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WRITTEN BY @Laura Nellis
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