Shredding Trails with Insta360 Ace Pro: The Best Camera for Mountain Biking

Looking for a new way to capture your rides? Insta360's latest action camera, Insta360 Ace Pro, is a serious competitor for the best mountain bike camera. With a host of handy features and AI-enhanced technology, Ace Pro is sure to keep up with any trail, track or line, day and night.

How does it look so good?

Mountain biking camera Insta360 Ace Pro is powered by a 5nm AI chip that denoises footage before it's even encoded, effectively enhancing image quality on the go. Paired with a huge 1/1.3" sensor and Leica SUMMARIT lens, Ace Pro's low light ability is simply unparalleled.

Insta360 Ace Pro, the best camera for mountain biking.

How does all this help mountain bikers? If you're riding in a forest or tree-heavy trail, footage from other action cameras may look darker, gloomier and shakier due to the low light. Ace Pro doesn't have this issue. With PureVideo Mode designed for low light shooting, Ace Pro records bright, sharp images with better stabilization whatever the lighting. In the day, Active HDR boosts details in the highlights and shadows for more vibrant shots without that annoying ghosting effect you may have seen on other mountain bike cameras.

The trick to silky smooth footage? Ace Pro offers Insta360's leading image stabilization FlowState. There are three options: Off, Low, Standard, and High. We suggest High for mountain biking. It counters even the most intense bumps and rockiest tracks.

Insta360's FlowState Stabilization keeps mountain bike shots steady.

If you live somewhere that means you're likely to ride wet trails, Ace Pro is waterproof up to 33 feet (10m) without needing protective housing. And don't worry about jumping into action, this mountain bike cam is rugged and ready for adventure.

Insta360 Ace Pro, the best camera for mountain biking.

Smarter action shooting.

Unlike traditional action cams, Ace Pro has a massive 2.4" flip touchscreen that you can angle for convenience. Quickly glance down to make sure you're recording the trail and not the sky. It's a real leap in usability for mountain bikers, making shots easier to frame and settings easier to see at a longer distance without contorting your neck.

Insta360's flip touchscreen, perfect for mountain biking.

With Insta360 Ace Pro, the design means less time fumbling with the camera and more time on the trails. The mountain bike camera has sturdy magnetic mounting points that make swapping out mounts super easy. If you want to switch from your Helmet Mount to the Chest Strap, instead of spending time unscrewing and rescrewing your camera, just snap it on, adjust the angle and go. It's another major step forward that makes Ace Pro the best camera for mountain biking.

Insta360's magnetic mounting system, perfect for mountain biking.

Plus, the battery compartment is easy to open and close if you need to switch out batteries. We doubt it, though, since the run time is up to 100 minutes, depending on the shooting mode selected. Ace Pro also has fast charging, powering to 80% in 22 minutes and 100% in just 46 minutes. For riders who want to show off their stats, you can integrate your Garmin Device or Apple Watch to display real-time data over your footage.

The AI-enhanced action camera.

Powered by AI, Ace Pro is packed with features to make it easier for mountain bikers, from shooting to sharing:

  • Zoom in without losing quality with Clarity Zoom.
  • Throw some shapes to quickly start or stop recording with Gesture Control.
  • Don't quite clear that tabletop? Long press the Shutter Button to instantly cancel the recording, delete the file and go again.
  • Or, pause and resume recording in the same file if you're halfway through filming and need to wait for passers-by.
  • Once you're ready to edit, AI Highlights Assistant picks out the best bits and presents you with a highlights reel: you can quickly decide whether or not to keep the footage and get a ready-to-share reel immediately after connecting to the Insta360 app.
  • The 5nm AI Chip doesn't just mean good footage, it also means a smooth user experience. The camera boots up, turns off and goes through the camera menu super fast, so you can gear up for action quicker.

The best mountain bike camera, available now.

Insta360 Ace Pro is available today with a dedicated Cycling Kit (US$521) that includes everything you need to hit the trails: Ace Pro, 1650mAh battery, Type-C to C Cable, 128GB microSD Card, Standard Mount, Flexible Adhesive Mount, Handlebar Mount and Chest Strap (included as part of the Bike Bundle).

The Insta360 Ace Pro Cycling Kit.

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WRITTEN BY @Laura Nellis
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