Best Bike Cameras 2024: What Is a Bike Camera and How To Choose One

As the days get warmer, it's clear that biking season is in full swing. Looking for a simple way to record your two-wheeled adventures? You've come to the right place! We'll walk you through everything you need to find the best camera for bikers.

What Is a Bike Camera?

For any cyclists out there, having a cam on your bike is a perfect sidekick. They hitch a ride on your frame, helmet, or body, staying locked in through every twist and turn. A bike cam not only acts as a reliable witness for road incidents but also captures action-packed, cinematic footage of your rides.

Using an action camera while bike riding

Typically, bike cameras offer high-resolution capture, easy mounting options, and useful functions like GPS data overlays, speed tracking, automatic incident detection, and even integration with cycling apps and platforms. Whether it's a helmet camera or attached to your frame, all of them are indispensable tools for safety and enjoyment on the road.

Whether you're a commuter using camera footage as legal proof in case of accidents, a biker recording your journey, or an adrenaline junkie capturing stunts or trails, let's dig into the essential features you should be looking for when choosing your ideal bike camera.

How To Choose Your Bike Camera

Thinking about getting a bike camera but not sure where to start? It boils down to what you're using it for and what the camera has to offer. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you hit that buy button:

  1. Video Quality, Resolution, and Low-Light Performance:

If you're all about getting that super sharp, clear footage, you need a camera that shoots in high-definition. These days, most cameras can shoot in 4K resolution or even higher. If you enjoy chasing sunsets or getting out before sunrise, make sure the camera you pick can handle low-light situations. That way, when you play it back, your video and images will be clear as day.

  1. Portability:

You'll definitely want a bike camera that's light and not too bulky. You don't want it weighing you or your handlebars down when you're out on a long ride!

Using a bike camera
  1. Image Stabilization Technology:

If you're going off-road or hitting the trails, bumpiness is almost guaranteed. If you want your footage to be nice and smooth, you'll want to grab a camera with good image stabilization.

  1. Mounting Options and Point of View Angles:

Is there a particular shot or angle you're aiming for? Are you looking for something that sets up quickly? When you're choosing a bike camera, you'll want to think about where you're mounting it, how easy it is to snap on or off and most importantly, how secure it feels.

Using a chest strap to mount a bike camera
  1. Battery Life:

You don't want to worry about your bike camera dying on you when you're hitting the road for those long trips. A bigger battery or a camera designed to sip power slowly can be a game-changer. It means you can keep pedaling without pausing all the time to recharge or fiddle with spare batteries.

  1. Weather Resistance:

You want a camera that's as tough as nails when it comes to weather. Rain or shine, you're out there riding, so your camera should be able to handle whatever Mother Nature throws at it. Just focus on your ride and record all the cool stuff you see without stressing about your gear getting wrecked.

Best Bike Cameras For Your Two-Wheeled Adventures

On the hunt for a camera that keeps up with every pedal and pivot? Insta360 action cameras double up as the perfect bike cameras too.

All Insta360 cameras come with leading image stabilization, FlowState Stabilization, built-in, so your footage stays smooth as butter no matter how many bumps you face on the road. Loop Recording is another handy feature across Insta360 cameras that acts as a dash cam! The camera will record a set duration and seamlessly overwrite files, keeping only the last fixed-length segment.

Want to show off your PB? Want data-rich videos? Thanks to a dedicated integration with Garmin devices and Apple Watches, cyclists can overlay real-time data such as heart rate, speed, and elevation into videos from any Insta360 camera, adding an informative layer for an even more immersive feel.

Let's dive deeper into three Insta360 cameras perfect for bikers: Insta360 X3, Insta360 Ace Pro, and Insta360 GO 3. Each one packs a punch with features tailored to bikers who want to capture all the action without missing a moment:

Insta360 X3: The 360º Action Camera

  • 360º Capture: Looking for something that records the whole picture? With 5.7K 360º video, you've got eyes everywhere, so you'll never miss a moment again! Not only does X3 let you relive rides from any angle, but it's also a game-changer for road safety. You and others can easily spot hazards and break incidents down later—shoot first and reframe after filming.
  • Waterproofing: If you're worried about those wet and wild conditions, keep an eye out for a camera that can really take a splash. X3 is IPX8 waterproof and a real trooper when it comes to wetter conditions, so neither rain nor mud will pose a problem.
Using Insta360 X3 strapped to a helmet while mountain biking
  • Lightweight & Compact: Being pocket-sized makes it a breeze to mount and carry around on all your cycling adventures. It won't weigh you down or take up unnecessary space, so you can focus on the ride.
  • Easy Mounting: Getting creative shots doesn't have to be difficult. With X3, it's convenient and easy as the mounts can be attached with minimal effort. You can easily capture unique shots using accessories like Chest Strap, Helmet Chin Mount, Unicorn Helmet Mount, and more.

Insta360 Ace Pro: Cinematic Rides, Day and Night

  • Smarter Shooting: Camera mounted just out of reach? With Voice Control 2.0, shout a command to control the camera hands-free or use Gesture Control to signal when to start/stop recording without interrupting your ride or removing your helmet and gloves.
  • 2.4" Flip Touchscreen: Angle the screen so you can quickly glance down to make sure you're recording what you want to be. It makes shots easier to frame and settings easier to see at a longer distance.
Using Insta360 Ace Pro whilst bike riding
  • Superb Low-Light Performance: Imagine riding down a trail at dusk only to find your footage is a grainy, dark mess. This is where PureVideo comes to the rescue: in challenging low-light conditions, it minimizes noise and boosts brightness to ensure all your adventures are clear and crisp.
  • Motion ND filter: Add a dash of cinematic motion blur straight from the Insta360 app. Make every ride look epic without adding an ounce of weight to your cycling kit.
  • 4K120fps Slow-Mo: Who doesn't love a good slow-mo? Capture epic stunts or cinematic B-roll with immersive 4K120fps and see every detail in stunning clarity.
  • Waterproofing: Yep, another Insta360 cam that can handle being drenched in the rain or muddy trails. Insta360 Ace Pro can handle depths of 33ft (10m), so you don't need to worry about staying in on those rainy days.

Insta360 GO 3: The Tiny, Mighty Biking Camera

  • Portable: Portable and powerful, the thumb-sized GO 3 may seem small at a mere 35g, but it packs the punch of a full-sized action cam with the addition of the Action Pod, featuring a flip touchscreen for remote control and live preview. It's effortless for bikers to carry and adds no extra bulk to gear.
Using Insta360 GO 3 on bike rides
  • Magnetic Mounting System: With a magnetic design and handy accessories, GO 3 provides endless creative angles. The Easy Clip securely attaches to your helmet for eye-level POV footage, and the Magnet Pendant snaps over your clothes for immersive, hands-free shots. For action shots, the Quick Release Mount is great for rapid and effortless camera mounting. It takes just one click to snap in or remove your camera!
  • Waterproofing: Fear no puddle with GO 3, it's IPX8 up to 16ft (5m). Rain-drenched rides or muddy trails, this little trooper captures it all without faltering.

Ready For Your Next Ride?

So you're all ready to go out and choose the best bike camera. Now, get on your bike and snap some epic shots along the way!

Grab your Insta360 camera today from the Insta360 store.

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