Insta360 Ace Pro: The Ultimate Motovlogging Companion

When you're living life on two wheels, capturing the ride is just one part of the journey. Insta360's latest action camera, Ace Pro, is the motovlogger's dream, blending cutting-edge features with a seriously solid performance. Here's why it's the best camera for motovlogging.

Cinematic rides, day and night.

Finally, a camera that looks as good at night as it does in the day. With its huge sensor and 5nm AI chip, Ace Pro captures the cleanest night footage of any action cam. Get less digital noise and smooth nighttime rides.

Incredible low light shots with Insta360 Ace Pro. Footage from Moto Feelz.

Looking for cinematic shots during the day? Ace Pro shoots immersive 4K120fps Slow Motion. Slow down the action and capture every detail—it makes for some epic B-roll.

4K120fps slow-mo with Insta360 Ace Pro. Footage from Moto Feelz.

Plus, leading image stabilization FlowState makes sure your footage stays silky smooth any time of day.

FlowState Stabilization with Insta360 Ace Pro.

Doubles as a dashcam.

The new Auto Dash feature is a game-changer. Turn on 'Charge and Record' in 'Power-on Charging', then, once you plug Ace Pro into a power source, it auto-powers on and starts recording in whatever shooting mode and settings you choose. Loop Recording is an excellent mode for this: it seamlessly overwrites files to keep your storage in check by recording continuously and saving only the last fixed-length segment. Exactly like a dashcam!

Control from your wrist.

Ace Pro has a handy flip touchscreen, meaning you can adjust the angle to quickly glance down to check the framing when your eyes are on the road. If you want more control over settings and recording, the new GPS Preview Remote lets you preview shots, adjust settings and add real-time data overlays to your videos. See exactly what you shoot with a high-speed connection, plus it even vibrates to make you aware when it's recording. Easily change your setup by quickly releasing the module and switching between the Universal or Wrist Strap. You can also input data from your Garmin Device or Apple Watch for data-rich motovlogs.

Add data stats overlay into footage with Insta360 Ace Pro. Footage from Moto Feelz.

Smarter action shooting.

At a stop light? Quickly pause your recording and resume in the same file to save memory during uneventful stretches. Car ruined your shot? Instantly cancel and restart to ensure only the best footage makes it to your final cut without ever going into the Album page. Shout a command to control the camera hands-free with Voice Control, or use Gesture Control to signal when to start/stop recording without having to stop and remove your helmet and gloves.

Pause Recording feature on Insta360 Ace Pro.

Motorcycle camera Ace Pro promises precise control over what you capture, so your footage includes only the most thrilling parts of your ride. Don't feel like sorting through clips yourself? Let the AI Highlights Assistant analyze your footage, pick out the best moments, and save you hours of editing, ensuring your motovlogs are packed with action. You can also press the Power Button as you're cruising to mark a clip as a highlight, making it easier to find when it's time to edit.

Available now.

We could go on about why Ace Pro is the best motorcycle camera: three mics for crisp audio, long-life battery and fast charging, Clarity Zoom to zoom in without losing image quality, creative effects like AI Warp to transform footage...

Transform videos with AI Warp and Insta360 Ace Pro. Footage from Moto Feelz.

Insta360 Ace Pro is the leap in technology that motorcyclists have been waiting for. With tailored features, it creates seamless, engaging, and high-quality motovlogs, making sure every ride is a share-worthy adventure.

Insta360 Ace Pro is available today with a dedicated Motorcycle Kit (US$534) that includes everything you need to mount up and hit the road: Ace Pro, 1650mAh battery, Type-C to C Cable, 128GB microSD Card, Standard Mount, Flexible Adhesive Mount, Helmet Chin Mount and Motorcycle Bundle.

The Insta360 Ace Pro Motorcycle Bundle.
The Insta360 Ace Pro Motorcycle Bundle.

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WRITTEN BY @Laura Nellis
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