Best Basketball Camera: Insta360 GO Is a Monster in the Paint

What makes Insta360 GO the best basketball camera? Well, it weighs as much as fun-sized Snickers, can be mounted just about anywhere, and is totally hands-free. No one wants to wear a harness with a bulky camera when going for a layup, that's where GO steps in.

Best basketball camera - Insta360 GO

Here's Why Insta360 GO Is the Best Basketball Camera:

The Layup

With Insta360 GO, you can just pop it in the Easy Clip, slip it onto your sweatband and go for the layup. GO's onboard stabilization does the heavy lifting so your shot comes out super smooth. Try doing that with a normal action cam strapped to your forehead.

wearable cam

The Dribble

With GO's in-the-box Pivot Stand, you can mount it as you would with any normal action cam. Try mounting GO to your wrist, it's so light that you can dribble with it on!

Best basketball camera

The Hoop

GO can be mounted just about anywhere. For this one, we tagged GO onto the hoop with the Pivot Stand. The shot turned out totally unique. The Pivot Stand is super simple to use. All you have to do is pop GO inside it, stick it to something, and adjust the angle. No screws, nuts or bolts needed.

basketball camera shots

Creative Shots

You can get super creative with where you mount GO. Try the bottom of your drink for a shot of you getting hydrated mid-game.

tiny action camera

Pop GO in the paint to get creative angles when you go for the dunk.

Best basketball camera Insta360 GO

Or, wear GO on the magnet pendant for the end of the game, and get creative with your transitions in your edit.

In Summary...

Let us know what you think. Is Insta360 GO the best basketball camera? We think its super-light wearable design and smooth stabilization make it just that. Here's a look at a pick-up game in LA, shot on Insta360 GO:

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WRITTEN BY @Kris Haagensen
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