4 Reasons Why Your Next BTS Camera Should Be a 360 Camera

In the hustle and bustle of a busy video shoot, taking behind-the-scenes shots can get overlooked. But everyone loves a look behind the scenes, especially on social media. BTS shots are great for promoting a project and showing the magic behind all the work cinematographers do on set. 

Stunt Camera Crew is a group of specialized action cinematographers and former stuntmen with over 15 years of experience. With their experience as athletes, they capture energetic, “hard to get” action scenes—often by filming while rollerskating, running and jumping around set themselves. 

To capture BTS of their high-action filming processes, Stunt Camera Crew decided to try out the Insta360 ONE R camera for its unique 360 capture capabilities. Dennis Weibel, cinematographer and parkour athlete, teamed up with Denmark’s top parkour athletes to see just how far they could push the camera.

Watch Stunt Camera Crew’s video below for the highlights and read on for more tips on why they Insta360 ONE R makes for a great BTS camera on their video shoots. 

1. Shoot first, point later

The biggest benefit of using a 360 camera as a BTS camera is that you can choose your angle in post-production. You don’t have to worry about getting the right angle while on set because the camera records everything around you.

Daniel Ilabaca, cinematographer and parkour athlete, says, “Having the ability to catch the day in full 360 is highly important for us when working on exciting film projects. When we are focusing on shooting with our Arri or RED cinema cameras, we can be confident that the Insta360 ONE R has got the BTS covered. Being able to select the framing of what you want to see after shooting is incredible.”

Stunt cinematographer

Dennis Weibel says he wouldn’t think twice about bringing this camera along with him on film sets. “It’s the perfect camera for capturing all the action taking place while focusing on getting your job done. This is the perfect camera for you if you need BTS in your coverage. You can really get creative with the angles and have a lot of freedom in post-production.”

"Being able to select the framing of what you want to see after shooting is incredible."

Of course, an alternative option for filming BTS footage might be to have a separate cameraman on set. But as Weibel says, “It’s neat to see that the camera is with you and follows you everywhere you go. And you can do this as a one-man production, which is awesome.” 

Daniel suggests cinematographers using the Insta360 ONE R to “think creatively about your start and finishing positions when moving and how your ending position of your sequence could play into the next sequence. Positioning the camera exactly where you left off is a good way to create a seamless transition that enables you to continue telling the story in a fluid manner.”

2. Invisible Selfie Stick

Another benefit of using a 360 camera as your BTS camera is the Invisible Selfie Stick. You can easily get dynamic tracking shots by following the subject with the selfie stick while on the move. 

BTS Camera

The Invisible Selfie Stick is easy to run with because you have the ability to reach farther and be more consistent while moving,” Weibel said.

3. Ultra-wide POV shooting

Weibel also used a mouth mount with ONE R for some ultra-wide first-person POV shots. As you can see in the video, the wide field of view is great for getting both your arms and legs in the shot together.

You could film these POV shots with a traditional action cam as well. But as Weibel says, “The good thing about a 360 camera like Insta360 ONE R is you can adjust your wideness and change the direction of where you want your audience to look. And you can decide after you have filmed it by using the app.” 

4. Durability and versatility

Durability and versatility are also key factors for Stunt Camera Crew in choosing a BTS camera. Daniel said, “When doing any high-intense action scenes, we don’t have to worry about the lenses getting scratched with Insta360 ONE R. You can purchase additional ND filters or Lens Guards that keep your lenses protected.” 

“We love the modular system and think it is genius because it gives us room for further upgrades down the line.”

With Insta360 ONE R’s modular design, it’s also easy to replace or upgrade parts as needed. “We love the modular system and think it is genius because it gives us room for further upgrades down the line,” Daniel said. 

According to Stunt Camera Crew, Insta360 ONE R could be a good solution for up-and-coming stunt cinematographers to help them on their journey to becoming a fully-qualified stunt camera operator. “A lightweight setup like this gives you the flexibility while focusing on what you’re shooting and where you’re going,” Weibel said.

BTS Camera parkour

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