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We are proud to announce Brendan has become our Brand Ambassador!

Read the letter below to learn more about this creative guy.

360 Forest shot

Hello Insta360 Family:

My name is Brendan and I’m a brand ambassador for Insta360 worldwide. I want to introduce myself and give you a little background on what inspired me to start adventuring the 360 world and all the doors it has opened up. Don’t worry I’ll keep it short and sweet so we can all get back to our Nano cameras and keep capturing the world.

So I started with where I came from. I came from a small country town in Australia in central Victoria where there’s more bush than there is city. Things to adventure are limited and the inspiration around there wasn’t that intense.

So being the average guy looking for inspiration. I have constantly been searching for things to inspire my life and put some sort of creative input in to the world.
I have dabbled in it all. Photography, music (still do), song writing, sound engineering, art. If you can think of a hobby I have most likely had my hands on it and adventured the world it brings.

Now I come knocking on the door of the 360 world full of inspiration and ready to create mind blowing content. And with the Nano 360, it’s more than easy with its refreshing things are much smoother with the Nano360 it’s a tiny but yet powerful plug in and play camera so don’t worry about baggage. It’s a perfect camera to use.

360 tree shot

The world just got a whole lot bigger. (Well, kind of, because I specialize in little/inverted planets here’s a few below :)

Give us a peep and stay tuned for more creative content. Thanks!

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