Freestyle Skier Prodigy Walker “Shredz” Woodring Joins Team Insta360

Excitement is through the roof here at Insta360 as young prodigy freestyle skier Walker “Shredz” joins us as an official Team Insta360 Ambassador! He joins mountain biker Fabio Wibmer and Superbike champion Jonathan Rea as part of the Insta360 crew. 

Earning the “Shredz” Nickname

Based out of Park City Utah, Walker’s got access to one of the best slopes in the world. With his brother and sister, the three rule the slopes each season without fail. Walker is known as a relentless ball of energy with immense talent and has a hidden arsenal of tricks, earning him the epic nickname “Shredz”. 

While Walker is known for being a 12-year-old prodigy, what caught our eye is his “No Days Off” attitude and dedication to his sport. Surrounded by loving friends and family who support him, Walker skis all year round. “Going out and shredding with all the big dogs when I’m 12 years old is pretty wild,” said Walker.

When he isn't skiing, Walker enjoys surfing, skateboarding, and rollerblading. These sports improve his balance and help him stay sharp when it comes time to hit the slopes again. 

Young Man, Bold Dreams

Freestyle skiing is a skiing discipline that gives more freedom to the skier to be creative and is a big part of the Winter Olympics. Walker originally intended to be a racer but ultimately freestyling became his calling. However, the skills he learned from racing didn't go to waste as a critical skill known as “edge control” further helped Walker develop his epic freestyling. 

Walker’s goal is to become a professional in freestyle skiing. This goal drives him to further push himself and his skis to the limit. Walker is definitely the future of freestyle skiing and is already the face of the next generation. 

Walker believes “You can do anything if you put your mind to it!” 

Team Insta360

Walker loves shooting his tricks with the Insta360 X3 camera: “The 360 footage is incredible because you can literally see everything. I love getting shots of myself without seeing that selfie stick and I love getting shots that aren’t even possible with other cameras.” 

Insta360 is thrilled to have Walker join Team Insta360. Team Insta360 athletes and creators hail from all over the world, using our cameras to record their incredible experiences, and fuel their creativity. They are the embodiment of the “Think Bold” attitude and constantly push the limits in their respective fields.

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