Relive F1 in 360°: Vettel Drives Senna's McLaren with Insta360 X4

Racing legends. Iconic cars. A historic track. Now imagine experiencing all of it like you're right there in the driver's seat. Thanks to Insta360 X4, you can do just that.

Four-time F1 champion Sebastian Vettel recently took Ayrton Senna's legendary McLaren MP4/8 for a spin around Imola, and we captured it all in stunning 8K 360° video.

Buckle up and take in the legendary circuit, and the sweet sound of that McLaren, right here on YouTube:

But there's more to this story than just incredible footage...

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

Rick van Barneveld was attending the F1 Grand Prix in Imola, lending his camera expertise to a friend participating in the Historic F1 car demonstration. When the opportunity arose to film Vettel's tribute run, he jumped at the chance, offering up his trusty Insta360 X4 for the task.

"I knew the X4's exceptional video quality and long battery life would be perfect for capturing the entire run in the highest possible quality. Plus, X4 is equipped with Premium Lens Guards so the lenses would be protected from any potential damage."

Rick van Barneveld, Videographer

X4: Up to the Challenge

X4 proved to be the perfect tool for this unique project. Its 8K 360° resolution captured every detail, from the roar of the engine to the beautiful Imola circuit. Even the crowd waving as he sped by is clear in the footage.

Insta360 X4 mounted to Ayrton Senna's legendary McLaren MP4/8 at Imola.
Insta360 X4 cleverly mounted to the side of the McLaren MP4/8.

"To reduce the wind noise, I placed Wind Mic Muffs on the camera," the videographer shared. "This worked out really well and reduced the wind noise a lot!"

Mounting the camera presented a unique challenge, as the McLaren wasn't equipped with any compatible mounts. But our videographer had a solution up his sleeve: a Delkin Fat Gecko Triple suction cup. "Having used this suction cup numerous times on other racing cars, including F1 vehicles, I was very confident it was able to withstand the high speeds," he said.

With X4 mounted to the car, Rick captured this experience in a way that's never been possible before. The 8K 360° resolution puts you right on the track alongside Vettel, experiencing every twist, every apex, and that signature track atmosphere.

The footage is super stable too, thanks to X4's unshakeable FlowState Stabilization. That's an 80's F1 car... the video would be all over the place without it.

Meanwhile, the camera's 5nm AI chip works in the background, helping optimize and denoise footage, meaning clearer shots all round. Just look at those crowds as Vettel pushes on... evidence enough.

Magic in Action

Imola is a circuit steeped in history and forever linked to the legacy of Ayrton Senna. Now, through X4's lenses, it's immortalized in 360°. Thanks again to Rick for jumping at the opportunity and capturing this rare footage.

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WRITTEN BY @Elliot Maddox
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