Insta360 Update 07: Waterproof Housing and ONE Update

Every week, the Insta360 Update brings you an inside look into our journey to bring the world simple, versatile 360 cameras.

Let's kick off our first week of November to an interview with Philip Bloom, just as promised. We are also excited to announce the Insta360 ONE waterproof housing finally being available in our online store! Finally, the people out there who already got their hands on an iPhone X will be stoked to hear that it is now compatible with the Insta360 ONE Control App. We will be expecting more exciting news of the Insta360 Pro before November ends, so stay tuned.

Philip Bloom Interview

We are glad to bring you this exclusive interview with Philip Bloom, detailing his experience as a professional filmmaker. He talks about his courageous transition from a regular job to a freelance filmmaker, and why the Insta360 Pro is his chosen camera to explore the possibilities of 360 VR filmmaking. This is our second time we had the chance to speak with such talented members of the Insta360 Community, and we look forward to having more of these conversations!

Insta360 ONE Waterproof Housing

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The Insta360 ONE waterproof housing is finally here! You can now make full use of the Insta360 ONE and shoot your favorite 360 videos while doing all the extreme sports you've been eager to do. The waterproof housing is available on Amazon, or you can place an order here on our main website.

Insta360 ONE Control App Update

We updated the Insta360 ONE control app for the compatibility of iPhone X. The interface orientation has also been optimized, so the next time you use the app, please turn off portrait orientation for it to work properly. The Bluetooth functions have also been improved. You can now use your phone as a Bluetooth controller to capture photos and videos through the volume button.

From the Community

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One of our good friends, Neto, showed us this spectacular view while paragliding with the Insta360 ONE! Be sure to check out more of his travel videos, as many of them feature captivating drone footage.

Thanks for reading! Please leave a comment below to say hi, or to suggest what you'd like to see in future weekly updates. See you guys next week.

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