Titan Is Here: Shipments Begin for Insta360’s 11K Cinematic VR Camera

11K VR has arrived. Shipments began today for Insta360 Titan, the world’s first 11K unibody VR camera.

The eight-lens camera raises VR production to a cinematic standard, combining ultra-high-quality imagery with an efficient, streamlined workflow.

insta360 titan
Insta360 Titan - Built for cinematic VR.

Insta360 also debuted a series of sample clips that showcase Titan’s unrivalled resolution, dynamic range and color depth. They can be downloaded here and are viewable at full quality using Insta360’s CrystalView playback technology on the free Insta360 Moment app

"Our work in the field requires excellent adaptation to varied lighting conditions, and Titan handled it with ease,” said Chris Fischer, founder and CEO of the wildlife-focused 360 video production company The All Around Project, who participated in pre-launch field testing that put Titan in the hands of a range of professional VR filmmakers. “On the locations that we tested this camera, it didn't fail to impress with its excellent dynamic range, beautiful color reproduction and sharp image quality.”

JK Liu, Insta360 Co-Founder and CEO, said that Titan was the culmination of five years of R&D and close collaboration with the VR filmmaking community. 

Mark Lambert, VR cinematographer and CEO of VArtisans

“We’ve worked together with VR creators to build the hardware platforms they need — from the cinematic quality of Titan to the versatility of the Insta360 Pro series,” said JK Liu. “Our roadmap this year doesn’t include any new professional cameras. Our full focus is on bringing users of Titan and Pro series cameras an even greater edge, through continued updates and integrations with key ecosystem partners.”

Sensors so good you’ll want eight. 

Titan stands out with its eight Micro Four Thirds sensors, the largest available in any unibody VR camera. These sensors enable superior low-light performance, dynamic range and image quality, allowing creators to achieve an extreme realism that’s crucial to immersive content. 

Titan is the first unibody 360 camera ready to record in 11K. Key shooting modes include 11K at 30 FPS, 10K 3D at 30 FPS, as well as 11K 360 photos in 3D and monoscopic formats. 

Full package. 

In addition to its best-in-class image quality, Titan offers a range of features designed to overcome bottlenecks at every step of the VR workflow. 

FlowState Stabilization lets creators achieve gimbal-like stabilization without any gear or post-production headaches, while the Farsight live monitoring system gives them a long-range, low-latency preview that allows for directing scenes from a safe distance. Seamless integration with Adobe Premiere Pro means that creators can jump into editing a new project before they spend a second stitching footage.

How to watch. 

It’s the elephant in the room for ultra high-res VR: How do you watch it? Common players like YouTube generally cap out at 8K, and their aggressive compression algorithms have been known to reduce 360 film auteurs to tears. 

Insta360 took matters into its own hands. Its proprietary CrystalView player lets you play back your Titan footage at full 11K quality on mainstream iOS and Android devices. The trick for getting so much juice out of mainstream devices is to render only the part of a scene that a viewer is watching at any given moment — with no power wasted rendering what’s behind their head.

The upshot is that creators can deliver work at the quality they captured. Download the CrystalView-enabled Insta360 Moment app today and check out Titan footage in its full glory.

How to buy. 

Priced at $14,999 USD, Titan is now available globally, with no reservation necessary. Creators can purchase Titan at, B&H Photo and other select retailers.

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